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Joe Biden is Making Every Effort to Remove Trump's Immigration Policies

2021-01-28 | Joe Biden became the 46th president of America on January 20th 2021, and he wasted no time taking action to remove many of Trump's controversial and divisive immigration policies.

Shincheonji Chairman Man Hee Lee Found Innocent on COVID-19 Violations

2021-01-14 | After being arrested in July, the Chairman of Shincheonji Church in Korea has been found not guilty of violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Act after a church COVID-19 outbreak.

Ephraim HaLevy At eLimmud FSU: "You Don't Get Anything for Nothing"

2020-12-30 | "Israel is becoming more connected to the world every day," noted Ephraim HaLevy, former director of the Mossad, Israel's secret service, and former ambassador to the European Union, earlier this week in a special online Limmud FSU learning session.

Dr. Raymond Struyk Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Economics

2020-12-11 | Dr. Struyk serves as a senior advisor of the China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center of Nanjing University

Persecution on South Korean Religious Group Sheds Light on the Reality of Coercive Conversion Education

2020-12-07 | Cases of forceful religious "de-conversion" in Shincheonji Church are being brought to light as the group suffers widespread persecution brought on by a localized COVID-19 outbreak.

Kim Nam-hee, Former Assistant of Shincheonji Church Chairman Testifies Despite Several Previous Court Losses

2020-12-07 | The former assistant, who has lost every case against Chairman Lee and Shincheonji since 2017, testified in court regarding the alleged embezzlement of 5 million dollars to build a center for international peace events.

In the Face of Persecution, Shincheonji Church Offers 4,000 Convalescent Plasma Donors and Holds Prayer Meetings to Fight COVID-19

2020-11-24 | Shincheonji Church hosts another record-breaking plasma donation drive, an international prayer meeting and an all-members online test despite receiving widespread persecution.

Council of Hmong Public Relations (CHPR) Successfully Formed as the 2020 Presidential Election Commenced

2020-11-19 | The Creation of The Hmong Center in Washington D.C. Marks a Long Overdue Victory for the Hmong People with the Mission to Better Our People

90-Year-Old Korean Religious Group Leader Released on Bail After Three Months of Custody

2020-11-15 | Shincheonji Church Chairman Man Hee Lee was released on bail on the afternoon of November 12th following court proceedings.

Third Plasma Donation Drive from Shincheonji Church Expected to Gather 4,000 Donors

2020-11-09 | From November 16th to December 11th, 4,000 Shincheonji members are expected to participate in a convalescent blood plasma drive at Daegu Athletics Center in South Korea.

Korean President Receives Letter Citing Religious Oppression During COVID-19

2020-11-09 | A joint letter from 14,832 participants from 266 organizations around the world asks the Korean government to cease religious persecution caused by COVID-19.

South Korean Church Begins 4,000 Convalescent Plasma Donations in the Fight Against COVID-19

2020-11-04 | Shincheonji Church in South Korea expects 4,000 convalescent plasma donations in drives over three weeks in November

Trial of 90-Year-Old Korean Church Leader Garners Nearly 30,000 Attendance Applications

2020-11-02 | The trials of Shincheonji Chairman Man Hee Lee have gathered worldwide attention and resulted in tens of thousands of South Korean citizens applying to gain hearing rights to hear the details of the case.

The US Federal Government has secured its email borders, as best they can, leading into the upcoming US Federal Election, but questions still remain!

2020-10-29 | Zulu Labs Inc, provider of the leading cyber email trust network has released its latest research into the US Federal Government's cyber email security implementation and whether the upcoming federal election is secured from email interference.

Attention Turns to Korean Crime Laws as 90-Year-Old Church Leader is Denied Bail

2020-10-24 | Leader and Chairman of Shincheonji Church Man Hee Lee has been denied bail after being arrested on July 31st. New information about the investigation and criteria for bail have been brought to light as the case unfolds.

Development Services Group, Inc., to Study Far-Right Terrorist Groups in the United States for the National Institute of Justice

2020-10-22 | D.C.–area research firm marries its global and domestic counterterrorism work

Questions Arise as Worldwide Governments Handle COVID-19 Outbreaks Completely Differently

2020-10-12 | Governmental responses to COVID-19 outbreaks vary despite having the same governmental structure. An example of this can be seen in the US White House vs a South Korean Church.

Webinars on Gender-based Violence Share Young Women's Voices for U.S.-Russia Public Diplomacy

2020-10-01 | WebinHERS offers a platform for information on gender-based violence—considered the shadow pandemic of COVID-19.

Veolia Designs Water Reuse Process for Baladna, Qatar's Major Dairy Producer

2020-09-23 | With a capacity of up to 24,000 cows and a superficy of 2.4 million m2, Baladna's cow farm is the biggest cow farm in Qatar and one of the biggest in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

Local and International Groups Come Together to Donate Blood Plasma for COVID-19 Treatment in Response to FDA Authorization

2020-09-17 | Several groups around the world gather COVID-19 survivors to donate blood plasma in the race for a safe and effective cure. Some of these large-scale donations are provided by minority religious groups.