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The Landmark Achievements of the Sovereign State of SHRIKAILASA

2022-01-10 | Dignitaries from twenty-nine countries attend the grand finale of the 45th Nithyanandotsavam (birthday) celebrations of the SPH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

His Inspired and Courageous Leadership and Faith Changed South Africa and the World - The Voice of Equality & Justice is at Peace; It's impact Still Coming to Life in U.S. Schools

2021-12-28 | "He had just helped bring down Apartheid with Nelson Mandela, when I first met Nobel Prize Winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 1994."

Remembering the World's theologian and Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Alicia Carroll

2021-12-28 | Tribute to South Africa's Archbishop Desmond Tutu

HWPL's DPCW Moves Political Leadership in Many Countries

2021-12-20 | The DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) created by HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light), a worldwide peace organization, has brought world leaders together for the sake of establishing lasting peace.

The United Nations accepts KAILASA's recommendations and publishes its report on Gender Justice and Freedom of Opinion and Expression

2021-11-23 | KAILASA's recommendations on tackling the challenges that women face, offline and online, were accepted and published by the United Nations' Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of freedom of opinion and expression

NCUSLR Press Release on the Paris Conference on Libya

2021-11-15 | NCUSLR Applauds VP Harris's attendance at Paris Conference on Libya – and urges Focus on Five Priority Areas Critical for Election Success

Open Europe: Experts Try to Find Out What Ukraine is for the EU: A Difficult Neighbor or a Future Partner

2021-11-09 | Open Europe Expert Congress gathered to discuss what Ukraine is for the EU: a difficult neighbor or a future partner.

Alexandra Lozano Helps Immigrants Get Papers Without Having To Leave The United States

2021-11-03 | Based in Seattle, Alexandra Lozano is an award-winning attorney who has dedicated her career to helping immigrants obtain legal status without leaving the US.

Renewed Search for Missing MH370 likely after the Discovery of New Evidence

2021-10-19 | The undersea search for the wreckage of the lost Malaysia Airlines flight 370 that disappeared seven years ago on March 8, 2014, on an overnight flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing may resume in 2022.

'Disorderly Transition' Has Landed: Dr. Barbara Taber's Hit Series Wraps 1st Season with a Masterclass in Podcasting, Reporting, and Sociopolitical Entertainment. Everyone Should Be Paying Attention

2021-10-18 | Esteemed educator, author, and podcaster, Barbara Taber, EdD, has delivered the highly anticipated season finale of Take It Or Leave It, against impossibly high expectations, following the landmark achievement of her previous three episodes.

Hamed Al Suwaidi: The UAE Has Provided the Finest Examples of Giving and Emirati Women's Achievements in All National Fields

2021-09-08 | The Al Suwaidi Foundations ASf and The Abu Dhabi Arts Society celebrates the "International Day of Charity"

Cosmin Dumitrescu Recognized by Marquis Who's Who for Excellence in International Diplomacy

2021-09-07 | Mr. Dumitrescu has represented Romania in Los Angeles since 2017

ALIPAC Endorses GOP Congressional Reps Speaking Out Against Amnesty

2021-09-02 | 25 Members of Congress who signed open letters receive support

Two American Cities Declare HWPL Day in an Effort to Support International Peace Activities

2021-08-05 | The Cities of Carson, California and Alexandria, Virginia have partnered with international peace organization HWPL to participate in local and global peace initiatives for future generations.

International Peace Organization HWPL Leads the Development of Peace in Mindanao, Philippines

2021-07-23 | In 2014, HWPL led peace initiatives in Mindanao, Philippines which united religious and political leaders to create a more peaceful society after 40 years of deadly conflict within the country.

Houston, Texas Immigration Law Firm Breaks Down the New Supreme Court Decision on Adjustment of Status Eligibility for TPS Holders

2021-07-21 | Many TPS holders are no longer eligible to adjust their status due to this supreme court decision.

Shincheonji Church Chairman Man Hee Lee to Return to Court After Being Granted Appeal Trial for Embezzlement Charge

2021-07-08 | Officials from Shincheonji Church of Jesus in South Korea are going back to court after receiving approval from a judge for an appeal of the embezzlement charge of 5 billion won.

Korean Church Heads Back to Court on July 7th to Appeal Remaining Embezzlement Charge

2021-07-05 | Shincheonji Church Chairman Man Hee Lee will return to court on July 7th to appeal the only guilty charge he received after months of trials earlier this year.

Bruno Dupré, PhD, Recognized by Marquis Who's Who for Excellence in International Security Affairs

2021-07-01 | A lifetime career dedicated to defend French and EU interests while preserving a personal attachment to the US

Jukka Davidsson: Democracy is the Ability to Express "Harsh Truths" Publicly

2021-06-18 | A new controversial documentary film just aired on regional TV channels in France and then even made it to national channel France 24. The appearance of this film on national television demonstrates the highest degree of freedom of speech in France.