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Dutch Crypto Pioneer Redefines Fiat-to-Crypto Onramping for Wallets, DEXs and CEXs With Its Fastest and Most Scalable Widget Yet

2023-02-02 | Onramper's new product release provides maximum global reach, highest success authorisation rates and lowest fees on the market. It thereby solves the 'Onramp Trilemma', a chronic problem for individual on-ramps.

Qliktag Software Inc. Chosen for Newchip's Seed-Stage Global Accelerator Program

2023-01-31 | Digital tokenization of products & physical asset NFTs platform among top applicants selected for Newchip's exclusive accelerator

PrivID gets listed on THE OCMX™

2023-01-30 | The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of PrivID to its online portal which offers financial networks the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Former Athlete, turned entrepreneur, Noah Reisenfeld, gives us an inside look on being the Vice President of the up and coming Wearable Technology Company, Hamsa Tech

2023-01-29 | Reisenfeld's experience and high value network proving to be a major key in the early success of Hamsa Tech Wear.

Gen-X NFTs Announces Allowlist For Its Limited Edition VIP Collection

2023-01-18 | Gen-X NFTs is a female-founded, retro pop culture Web3 brand focused on onboarding 80s kids into the Metaverse using nostalgia, education, membership to an exclusive online community, and themed IRL events.

xToken Launches Origination, a Permissionless Financing Platform

2023-01-13 | Origination Brings Powerful No-Code Tooling to Web3 Projects

Blockchain App Factory's NFT Marketplace Development Service is at Apex and Leverages Brands Worldwide

2023-01-11 | The company unlocks a milestone by successfully launching 100+ NFT marketplaces globally.

VINU Network's Parent Company, COINUP, Signs a Contract with Shunkhlai Group, The 2nd-Largest Business Group in Mongolia

2022-12-28 | GS25 and Laundryzone's collaborative shop-in-shop system to expand business in Mongolia, Upcoming self-laundromat business aspirations through introducing blockchain technology with the VINU Network project

Shiba Racing Team Is Set To Launch Their Genesis Collection Of Racing NFTs Backed With Metaverse P2E Racing Game

2022-12-16 | Get ready to experience the immersive metaverse racing game from the Shiba Racing Team

One in Ten Brands Fails Basic Cybersecurity Hygiene Checks, Leaving The Door Open To Cybercriminals, Ransomware Attacks, and More

2022-12-16 | Failing to follow basic cybersecurity hygiene is leaving many global brands, along with their third-party suppliers and customers, open to possible cyberattacks, ransomware, email scams, and more.

Truth About Crypto and Debts. Global Zoom Call December 18th 4pm EST with Cryptocurrency Logistic Research Group

2022-12-14 | Future Global Blockchain Participants. How can in-depth knowledge about blockchain evolvement excel aspirations?

VINU Network at the Polygon Guild Seoul Meet-Up

2022-12-10 | The VINU Network team joins the monthly Polygon Guild Meet-up held in Seoul

Margex Announces All-New Crypto Trading Pairs: MATIC, BNB, MANA, & More

2022-12-07 | Margex has added a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies to its already massive list of trading pairs. New crypto trading pairs include: Binance Coin, Polygon, Chainlink, APTOS, Cosmos, and more

Laplace Technologies Introduces 'Laplace Analytics', a Commerce Big Data Analysis Solution, at Pangyo Monthly Online Meetup

2022-12-06 | Laplace Technologies, which took part in the virtual meeting, began after an acquaintance of the founder complained that "It takes over 300 million KRW annually to establish a data analysis dashboar, and just building it takes over 1 year."

CoinCola Kickstarts Football Cup Campaigns

2022-12-02 | With Free NFT Minting And NFT Rewards

CADAF Art Fair is back in NYC: The 5th Edition of Crypto And Digital Art Fair in Partnership with Web3 NYC Gallery at 510 5th Avenue, New York

2022-11-12 | CADAF Art Fair is back in NYC from the 11-13th of November, presenting a curated selection of leading digital artists and Web3 innovators from all over the world - curated by Elena Zavelev and Andrea Steuer of CADAF

3DOS is Building the World's Largest On-demand Manufacturing Network, Built on Blockchain — The Future of Decentralized Manufacturing is Now

2022-11-08 | Some are calling 3DOS, the next Amazon - without inventories - fully decentralized! 3DOS is empowering the 3d creator economy. Just upload a design, and if it's not purchased it's not made.

Silver Oak Securities Reinvents Advisor and Client Experiences by Overhauling Its Operations Framework Using Finity360™

2022-11-07 | The firm anticipates significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, competitiveness, and tech stack future-proofing

Declaration on "Undoxxed" crypto actors

2022-10-24 | Ethical-normative and legal ramifications.