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House of Assets - An Authentic NFT Marketplace, Exciting Play-to-Earn Games, and Splendid Metaverse, All Under One Roof

2022-03-16 | The best place for crypto enthusiasts to procure legit NFTs, play rewarding games and spend quality time in the virtual world.

PixelPlex Gives Update on Ethereum Development Services

2022-03-16 | Blockchain technology moves businesses to decentralized tech that provides many benefits, including immutable records and security. Companies like PixelPlex help businesses build solutions in that sphere and gain these benefits.

Golden Mice is Incorporating Gaming Features as Part of the NFT's Project

2022-03-14 | The project Golden Mice and its developers are incorporating gaming options for NFT holders on the metaverse to keep it fresh and innovative.

Catch Two of the Biggest Live Streaming and Metaverse Events of the Year on Mar 25-26

2022-03-12 | Two of the biggest conferences of the year, 'World Live Streamers Conference' and 'World Metaverse Conference', announced on March 25-26, 2022 at the Dubai Festival Arena.

Nifty League Raises $5 Million Seed Investment Round Led by RSE Ventures to Expand its NFT Gaming Metaverse

2022-03-03 | Nifty League, a leading NFT gaming platform, today announced the close of a $5 million seed investment round led by New York-based private investment firm RSE Ventures ("RSE")

Flex your NFTs with DStage the First of its Kind Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace

2022-03-01 | With exceptional features and multi-chain functionalities, DStage NFT marketplace facilitates the staging of NFTs with ease and at a low cost.

Apish Punks - A Pioneering NFT Collection to run off the until now Virgin Telos EVM Network

2022-03-01 | Apish Punks is a new up and coming NFT collection styled around a limited 10,000 pixelated Apes, with proof of ownership stored on the Telos blockchain they have varied Rarities, based on 4 kinds of Ape Punks - Friendly, Zombie, Alien and Ghost Apes.

Wemade Unveils New Staking Game for MIR4

2022-02-28 | Global NFT character staking game, MIRAGE, is introduced.

Kingdom Hunter By RedFox Games On-boarding WEMIX Platform

2022-02-24 | • Kingdom Hunter published by RedFox Games is on-boarding WEMIX • Targeting South America and the global market with mobile TCG

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Development - Cost-Effective, Time-Saving, and Value-Added Solution from Tech-Savvy, Blockchain App Factory

2022-02-22 | Not from scratch anymore! Whitelabel is a hot trending solution to launch your NFT marketplace instantly.

Learn, Learn... and Learn Some More! Adapting and Reacting to Tech Implementation with Dr. Henry Halladay's Latest Installments

2022-02-22 | 'Learn Learn Learn', Dr. Henry Halladay's acclaimed podumentary, is debuting its highly anticipated, seventh episode today with Q&A flashback review in tow.

Noah Gragson and Kaulig Racing drive for a CURE

2022-02-18 | Throughout the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series (NCS) season, CURE will appear on NASCAR digital properties with its RaceForACure campaign, featuring Kaulig Racing's No. 16 Camaro at the Hollywood Casino 500 in September.

Atlantis Exchange Receives $20,000,000,000 ATC as Liquidity Prior to the Opening

2022-02-18 | $20 billion of Atlantis Coins joined a new liquidity pool in Atlantis Exchange prior to its opening for global trading of all the listed cryptocurrencies. Reward APY: Up to 12.00% / year.

David Arquette, Cliff Dorfman and Bernard Chang Introduce an Exclusive Collection of NFT's to Cure Your Sugar Crash

2022-02-16 | Heavy Metal and Everscapes Bring the Legend of St Valentine into the Metaverse With "A Very Metal Valentine," Available Now Through Artefy

Navneet Goenka Launches Charity Meal Project In Thailand. Distribution Of Meals To Needy Thais

2022-02-12 | The CEO of Glitzkoin that launched the GTN crypto token, extends his charity services to Thailand. Navneet Goenka adds that the program aims to provide 50,000 healthy meals to needy Thais.

XVA Blockchain gets listed on THE OCMX™

2022-02-07 | The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of XVA Blockchain to its online portal which offers financial networks the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Atlantis Exchange Airdrops $1,000,000,000 of Atlantis Coins for Global Signups & Referrals

2022-02-01 | Any individuals and corporate entities, including for-profit companies and non-profit organizations, will receive the airdropped funds IMMEDIATELY without spending any cent. Why don't you try?

CURE To Sponsor Noah Gragson and Kaulig Racing in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series

2022-01-25 | CURE Token is teaming up with Kaulig Racing and NASCAR CUP Series driver Noah Gragson in CURE Token's RACE FOR A CURE.

$JBC Tokens - An Admit Ticket to avail Multifarious Utilities, Splendid Perks, and Excellent Crypto Services

2022-01-24 | An all-inclusive hub to make crypto enthusiasts utilize the latest crypto products under one umbrella.