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March 23, 2009

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New Clinical Study News for Treatment of Sinusitis, Sinus Infection and Allergy Sufferers Now Have a New Effective Form of Relief through Sinus Dynamics

2009-03-23 | This exciting clinical study news is the best news that we have been waiting on for the past four years to prove the deposition of the medication through Sinus Dynamics.

NewBlueFX Launches "Sampler Pack" Video Effects Plugin Suite

2009-03-23 | NewBlue, Inc., the fastest-growing developer of integrated video effects technology, rolled out the NewBlue Sampler Pack today. These video effects and transitions present video editors with a selection of plugins from its best-selling NewBlueFX collections, competitively-priced at $49.95.

Network Instruments Closes Virtualization Visibility Gap

2009-03-23 | Observer Platform Seamlessly Tracks Network and Application Performance in Virtual and Physical Environments

New File Encryption Software Tackles Top Security Threat With One-Click Simplicity

2009-03-23 | SensiGuard puts personal information out of reach of data thieves

Christian Audigier and Eric Fugier Combine Dentistry and High Fashion

2009-03-23 | Christian Audigier and Eric Fugier are combining High Fashion and Dentistry with a line of Ed Hardy brand dental products.

Go Mobile During Recession: Increase Sales with Text Campaigns 70% of Mobile Phone Users Respond to Marketing Text Messages ClearVision Entertainment Marketing First Integrated Firm to Offer Solution

2009-03-23 | ClearVision Entertainment Marketing, a division of ClearVision Strategic Marketing, is the first integrated PR/Marketing firm within the Midwest and Southeast to unveil nationwide mobile text programs that enable clients to improve sales via this affordable and personalized option.

Marketing Specifics Leads the International Design Partners Coalition to Meet with Saudi Arabian Real Estate Developers

2009-03-23 | Group consists of four commercial and residential real estate design firms that specialize in architecture, land planning, advertising, marketing, website development and interior design.

Blurt Shirts Kicks Off the 2010 Congressional Campaigns

2009-03-23 | With the 2010 Congressional campaigns looming, Blurt Shirts introduces its politically-oriented "Revolution 2010" apparel. Blunt? Yes. Status quo? No.

Tourist Sites Are More And More "Ripped From The Headlines" According To NYC Guide Jim Dykes: They Want To See Bernie Madoff's Office And Residential Buildings, The Art Deco Skyskraper Home Of AIG Insurance And The High Rise Residence Of Tragic Natasha Richardson

2009-03-23 | Visitors are still coming to New York and, according to tour guide Jim Dykes, are becoming much more aggressive in demanding to see sites directly from the news such as Bernard Madoff's residential building and the high rise where tragic Natasha Richardson lived.

"Domestic and Family Violence - Still Prevalent and Taboo in 2009" Aired on Social Radio Network BlogTalkRadio

2009-03-23 | iAscend interviews Linda Hughey, President of CAN and former victim of domestic violence, live on "Get the Hell Out" Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 9:00 pm MT.

Asonor Ranked # 1 in Comprehensive Danish User Test of Stop Snoring Remedies

2009-03-23 | In a recent independent user test of 7 different anti-snoring products on Danish men between the ages of 35 and 50 (and their partners), Asonor - the revolutionary stop snoring nasal spray - walked away as the #1 product overall as well as in price/performance.