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February 09, 2011

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Step Into Spring in Style as Duo Launches New Range of Ladies Boots

2011-02-09 | With signs of spring just beginning to peek out in between those frosty mornings, Duo's new spring range of ladies boots are just what the Fashion Doctor ordered to ease the discerning fashionista into the new season.

Providers Make Smart Pump Decisions Amid Market Turmoil

2011-02-09 | Reactions of healthcare providers to recent flood of smart pumps recalls and new FDA regulations in new KLAS perception report.

Barry Berkus, AIA, to Address Modernism Week

2011-02-09 | Architect's Palm Springs design still hits the swank spot in its 50th year.

| Attachments Advises Drivers to Review Collision Coverage in Auto Insurance Policy

2011-02-09 | In new article, 'Collision Coverage in Your Car Insurance Policy', experts once again highlighted some of the key features of auto insurances and explains why individuals need to take note of those features.

Reed Salary Guides 2011 - Just Around The Corner

2011-02-09 | We've been working hard over the last few months to compile our definitive salary guides for 2011. From 10th January 2011 you will be able to request a copy from here or pick one up from your local Reed consultant.

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The Impact of Cell Phone Jamming on the Egypt Conflict

2011-02-09 | During the last wave of protest actions in Cairo, the police forces of Egypt applied jamming devices to make riots uncoordinated and less powerful and as a result decreased the number of losses among civilian people.

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Antoinette Montague in the Fairfield Patch: "Fairfield Jazz Vocalist Says 'I Love You' Through Songs"

2011-02-09 | "Fairfield Business Exec Croons Romantic Jazz in New York City for Valentine's Day" by Karen Dydzuhn ( Prestigio Introduces Its 7" and 10" MultiPad Internet Tablet PCs

2011-02-09 | Prestigio MultiPad, an Android based Internet Tablet PC, is now equipped with Adobe Flash 10, Camera, HDMI output in addition to necessary computer features and smartphone applications to offer the best performance, HD viewing and web-browsing.

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Plastic Surgeon Launches Alabama Breast Cancer Institute

2011-02-09 | Alabama plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Beckenstein expands his Breast Surgery Center by creating a new cancer-focused institute designed as an all-encompassing breast cancer treatment facility.

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Super Agent Mike Esterman Reveals February Bookings

2011-02-09 | Esterman has star-studded lineup for Feb. heading into March.

Plastic Surgery Practice in Chicago Launches New Website

2011-02-09 | World-renowned plastic surgeon and plastic surgery educator Dr. Thomas Mustoe launches a newly designed website for his plastic surgery practice.

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Practice Offers Custom Nonsurgical Face Lift in Vancouver

2011-02-09 | The skin care professionals at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre are now offering nonsurgical face lifts using Restylane, Thermage and other treatments for facial rejuvenation without surgery.

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Medical Day Spa in Orlando Launches New Website

2011-02-09 | Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kenrick Spence launches a new Web site for his medical day spa, Hillcrest Aesthetic Institute.

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Kentucky Plastic Surgeons Now Performing Post-Bariatric Procedures

2011-02-09 | To serve the growing group of men and women who have had bariatric surgery, the plastic surgeons at Calobrace Plastic Surgery are adding post-bariatric procedures to their practice. These procedures remove excess skin to refine weight loss results.

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Valentine's Day Ideas - Hiring a Professional Fashion Photographer

2011-02-09 | If you are looking for unique and romantic ideas for this valentines day, one new trendy idea to consider as a Valentine's Day idea is to hire a professional fashion photographer to make couples portraits of you and your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Liposuction Surgeon Near Albany Publishes Real Patient Stories

2011-02-09 | Dr. Juan Garcia, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Glens Falls, has recently published real patient stories on his website so that visitors can read some of his clients' personal experiences with Albany plastic surgery.

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Liposuction Patients on Long Island Opt for Skin Tightening Procedures

2011-02-09 | Plastic surgeon Dr. James Romanelli says that many of his patients choosing body contouring surgeries like liposuction are also having facial enhancement and skin tightening procedures such as face lifts and eyelid surgery.

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Jodie Foster Talks About Her Upcoming Movie and Depression: "We Can't Give Up on One Another"

2011-02-09 | NAMI interviews Foster about upcoming movie and how it addresses depression. - Madrid Set for Jean Leon Gerome Exhibition

2011-02-09 | An exhibition devoted to the art of Jean-Leon Gerome is opening this month.