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August 01, 2014

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Wyndham Sales Representatives Represented by Nichols Kaster and Hawks Quindel Obtain Conditional Class Certification in FLSA Overtime Lawsuit

2014-08-01 | Court allows sales representatives in Wyndham's Wisconsin Dells location to pursue off the clock claims collectively.

IT'S ABOUT TIME Forms New Board of Advisors with STEM Education Pioneer Arthur Eisenkraft as Founding Member

2014-08-01 | Leading STEM educational publisher announces the formation of a new Board of Advisors, with notable STEM education advocate Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD, as its first board member.

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The Court is Rising at Sideshow

2014-08-01 | Sideshow launches premiere original property 'The Court of the Dead.'

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Best Ways to Celebrate National Sandwich Month in Chicago

2014-08-01 | Many food fads are fleeting, but sandwiches are one trend that isn't going anywhere. August is National Sandwich Month which makes it the perfect month to explore near and far for the best sandwich in Chicago. Check out superb sandwich selections:

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Canadian Dance Choreographer's Award-winning 'Forget About the Boy' Selected for World Dance Championship

2014-08-01 | The Kelli Gautreau choreographed, Broadway Dance Academy performed 'Forget About the Boy' is heading to the World Dance Championship next week in Secaucus, N.J.

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Operators of Private Jets in Atlanta, Peachtree Aviation, Donating Profits from the Masters

2014-08-01 | This leading provider of Atlanta charter flights is also a staunch supporter of worthwhile community causes.

Chattanooga Bankruptcy Attorneys Clark & Washington Explain Secured, Unsecured & Priority Claims in Bankruptcy

2014-08-01 | Bankruptcy attorneys Clark & Washington explain the three types of claims and their implications during bankruptcy.

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Nashville Attorneys Clark & Washington Discuss Secured, Unsecured and Priority Debts in Bankruptcy

2014-08-01 | The Nashville bankruptcy attorneys break down the three different types of claims during bankruptcy.

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Knoxville Bankruptcy Attorneys Clark & Washington Discuss Restoring Credit After Bankruptcy

2014-08-01 | The Knoxville bankruptcy attorneys discuss ways to restore and improve your credit score after filing for bankruptcy.

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Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneys Clark & Washington Discuss Tax Claims and Payments in Bankruptcy

2014-08-01 | The Tampa bankruptcy attorneys explain how tax claims are paid in bankruptcy.

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Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyers Campbell & Associates Explain Possible Complications from Mirena IUD

2014-08-01 | The Charlotte personal injury attorneys at Campbell & Associates highlight potential problems with the Mirena IUD.

LuguLake Helps You Handily Improve Audio Visual Experience, Giving Away 100 Bluetooth Speaker Docks

2014-08-01 | LuguLake is launching giveaways. 100 sets, 100% free! Amazon top 2 rated LuguLake Bluetooth speaker ($46.99) is on its way to your home! For promotion details, please check out the end of the article.

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Anthony Carbone is a Noted Lawyer in the State of New Jersey

2014-08-01 | Anthony Carbone successfully helms his own law firm: "Aggressive representation in divorce, personal injury and criminal defense."

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San Antonio Orthodontist Dr. Robert "Tito" Norris Awards Two Scholarships through the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation

2014-08-01 | Stone Oak Orthodontics works with the nonprofit organization to provide free braces and treatment to underserved children.

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Rhynette Northcross Hurd is Distinguished for Years of Dedication to the Legal Industry

2014-08-01 | Rhynette Northcross Hurd demonstrates proficiency in all aspects of her profession with Blair Ridder Hurd PLLC: "Clarifying issues, exploring alternatives, facilitating resolution."

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Katja Nielsen Honored for Her Leadership Skills and Commitment to the Pharmaceutical Industry

2014-08-01 | Ms. Nielsen leads her department in producing high-quality medicine.

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Blue Baby Bum is Putting Stay at Home Moms to Work Creating Beautiful, Quality and Fashionable Baby and Toddler Accessories!

2014-08-01 | Founder and CEO of Blue Baby Bum ( Mayte Landeros is helping stay at home moms like herself to earn an income while taking care of their little ones by creating a truly parent-friendly company.

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aheadMetrics, the Magento Ecommerce Analytics Tool, Is Enhanced with New Effective Reports

2014-08-01 | Being the leader provider of Magento extensions, aheadWorks launches a new version of the aheadMetrics service - a flexible ecommerce analytics tool for the Magento platform.

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Cataract Surgery Quality of Life Benefits Far Greater than Eyesight for Seniors

2014-08-01 | "August is Cataract Awareness Month and so we certainly want to highlight the symptoms of cataracts that can affect seniors with cataracts," said Leslie Doctor, M.D. of Doctor & Associates in Connecticut.

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