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September 09, 2014

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CareConnectors and VRI Use PatientGraph Platform to Develop Mobile Application Framework for Developers

2014-09-09 | Making telehealth monitoring data accessible to healthcare providers from mobile applications.

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Announcing Stwrap, the Hot New Bag Accessory for Sports Fans

2014-09-09 | Officially licensed by NBA, NCAA, NFL, MLB and MLS through WinCraft.

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On Space Station, Earth's Beauty is in the Eye of the High Definition Beholder

2014-09-09 | The ongoing High Definition Earth Viewing investigation aboard the International Space Station allows anyone with internet access to continuously stream live views of Earth directly to their desktop or mobile internet device.

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DualSculpting Body Contouring Now Available at Motykie Med Spa

2014-09-09 | One of the first offices to offer DualSculpting in Los Angeles, Motykie Med Spa can freeze twice the fat in 1 hour compared to the standard CoolSculpting treatment.

How to Hold a Two Inch Needle and Still Make a Child Smile

2014-09-09 | An award-winning nurse cracks the code on deflecting the terror that children feel when facing scary and often painful medical procedures.

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50% of Europe's e-commerce Market Doesn't Use Credit Cards Online

2014-09-09 | International e-commerce relies on 200+ alternative payment methods

Patricia Marie Corbett Named Professional of the Year in Counselling Services

2014-09-09 | Ms. Corbett is partnering with her son to create an inspirational book entitled "Sky's the Limit."

Howard D. Bader Honored for his Legal Expertise

2014-09-09 | Mr. Bader has been featured numerous times in "Crain's."

New Ticket Company Offers Best Prices, No Hidden Fees

2014-09-09 | Tired Of Paying Ridiculous Ticket Fees At Checkout? Well Ticket Critter Is Here To Save The Day By Offering Customers ZERO HIDDEN FEES On All Ticket Purchases.