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July 20, 2022

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Author Marlayne Giron Announces New Christian Fiction Book, The Victor, An Epic Fantasy Fiction Centered Around Traditional Christian Values

2022-07-20 | Giron is considered to be a great new voice in Christian Fiction and writes fiction with a mission.

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Bestselling Author Bernard Fleury's 'Teilhard de Chardin: The Search For The Light In Evolution' Attains Bestseller Status

2022-07-20 | Fleury's highly praised book gives us a detailed look at purpose driven evolution according to Tielhard De Chardin.

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Divine Digital Develops App Version 2.0 For Doors Open Connect

2022-07-20 | Doors Open Connect is a mobile app platform that connects licensed real estate professionals with other trusted industry professionals for paid services. The app encourage co-broker relationships and multi-agency support and collaboration.

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Celebrating the Beginning of Summer at the Strawberry Fest

2022-07-20 | Sharing with our community about the who we are, what we do, and upcoming events at the Stoney Creek Strawberry Fest

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