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April 24, 2024

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North Fort Worth Event Venue Ideal for Graduation Parties

2024-04-24 | Tarrant Events Center's event pros take grad parties to the next level.

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Convenient Features with Simple Design: 'Barrier-Free Push-Pull Handle' Specialist, Anylock, Launches 2nd New Product Line on Kickstarter in the United States

2024-04-24 | Effortlessly open doors with a tap of a finger or elbow with this barrier free door knob. Childproof design and DIY installation.

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Introducing WING BRUSH: Revolutionizing Oral Care with Smart Technology

2024-04-24 | 3-sided brush to simultaneously clean teeth, interdental space, and gums! Reduce brushing time & enjoy high-quality dental care at home

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XBANKING Launches Revolutionary Restaking Protocol to Boost Passive Income for Cryptocurrency Holders

2024-04-24 | XBANKING, a leading innovator in the cryptocurrency staking sector, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking restaking protocol, designed to enhance passive income opportunities for cryptocurrency investors significantly.

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Seasoned Entrepreneur Greg Lindberg Shares Tips on How to Thrive in Today's Job Market

2024-04-24 | "To be successful in today's job market, you have to believe in yourself," said Greg Lindberg. "You have to be willing to take on challenges, adapt, morph and take new directions as the economy changes."

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Amystique Y. H. Church, Ph.D., for Expertise in Continuing Education and Credentialing Life-long Learning Programming

2024-04-24 | Amystique Y.H. Church, PhD, honored for expertise in workforce development, continuing education, and credentialing testing administration

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Martin F. Baumann for Career Achievements

2024-04-24 | PwC Partner and Global Banking Leader, Freddie Mac CFO, PCAOB Chief Auditor

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Francisco Quevedo for Expertise in Marketing, Product Management, Education, and Insurance Brokerage

2024-04-24 | Francisco Quevedo is recognized for his extensive success as an educator to undergraduate and graduate students

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Viviane Eisenberg Esq., for Success in Intellectual Property Law

2024-04-24 | Viviane Eisenberg Esq., is noted for her distinguished tenure representing clients in the entertainment sector

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Larissa Duron Celebrated for Dedication to the Fields of Electrical Engineering and Business

2024-04-24 | Larissa Duron lends years of expertise to her work as owner of Duron Industries LLC

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Jacques Turgeon Celebrated for Dedication to the Fields of Pharmacy and Education

2024-04-24 | Jacques Turgeon's work with GalenusRx is a testament to his extensive expertise and profound impact in the field

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Joe R. Guerci, PhD, for Expertise in Radar Technology and National Security

2024-04-24 | Joe R. Guerci, PhD, is lauded for his distinguished tenure in nuclear energy

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James D. Nations, PhD Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who

2024-04-24 | James Nations has been endorsed by Marquis Who's Who as a leader in biodiversity and biocultural research

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Paul Garza for Expertise in Real Estate Land Development

2024-04-24 | Paul Garza is noted for excellence as the chief executive officer of Paul Hayden Developments and BTR Advisors LLC

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Thomas C. Davis for Expertise in College Athletic Recruiting

2024-04-24 | Thomas C. Davis serves as the president of Total Sports Recruiting LLC

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Timothy M. McKenna for Expertise in Real Estate

2024-04-24 | Timothy M. McKenna serves as a sales manager at the Saint Louis Group Business Brokers

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Kenton Epard for Expertise in Entrepreneurship

2024-04-24 | Kenton Epard is lauded for his innovative executive coaching approach as the founder of The Nexus Initiative

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Hillary Kirtland for Expertise in Information Technology

2024-04-24 | Hillary Kirtland is recognized for her distinguished tenure with IBM

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Patricia A. Brinkley, Esq., for Success in Probate Law and Estate Planning

2024-04-24 | Patricia A. Brinkley, Esq., is lauded for her expertise as the owner of the Law Office of Patricia A. Brinkley

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