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April 29, 2024

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PhaseOne Health Highlights Long-term Outcomes of Using Hypochlorous Acid at The Aesthetic Meeting 2024

2024-04-29 | HOCl effective in reducing recurrent capsular contracture in secondary cases over a 5 year follow up period.

Margex Rolls Out Additional Crypto Trading Pairs

2024-04-29 | Margex announced addition of five new trading pairs to USD

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Blue Faery Publishes Liver Cancer Journal Project

2024-04-29 | I'd Rather Be Dead Then Deaf shares a young woman's journey with liver cancer

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"Disturbed Tombs" by Kay A. Oliver Clinches Finalist Position in the Prestigious 2024 American Legacy Book Awards

2024-04-29 | Unveiling Literary Brilliance: "Disturbed Tombs" Secures Finalist Position in the Esteemed 2024 American Legacy Book Awards

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Bold Brave TV Announces Release of Bold & Brave with Jill with guests Sherry Fernandez and Jim Dilyard

2024-04-29 | Bold & Brave with Jill airs Tuesday, April 30, 2024 at 6:00PM EST on Spectrum Cable TV, a nationally syndicated cable TV provider.

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2024-04-29 | Savor the Fresh-Mex flavors on May 5

The Villarreal Law Firm Is Proud To Announce a New Milestones for McAllen Texas

2024-04-29 | The new post explains that in McAllen, the traffic of trucks, cars, and motorcycles is quite impressive, with a diverse range of drivers navigating the city's streets.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Christopher Graham Tuttle, MBA, MDES, for Expertise in Interdisciplinary Business Strategy

2024-04-29 | Christopher Graham Tuttle, MBA, MDES, serves as the vice president of experience at EquipmentShare

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2024-04-29 | Participants in select markets can enter for chance to win one of three prizes, including a trip for two to Greece.

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Olga A. Espinosa-Anderson, MPA, CPPB, for Expertise in Government Administration

2024-04-29 | Olga A. Espinosa-Anderson, MPA, CPPB, serves as the interim director of the Miami-Dade County Department of Solid Waste Management

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Susan E. Wright Recognized by Marquis Who's Who

2024-04-29 | Susan Wright is recognized as an entrepreneur and a residential real estate expert with several decades of experience

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Marquis Who's Who Honors AnnaMaria Bliven, DBA, for Expertise as a Career Enthusiast

2024-04-29 | AnnaMaria Bliven, DBA, serves as a data analyst at Western Governors University

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Greg Gallegos for Expertise in Consulting

2024-04-29 | Greg Gallegos recognized for broad expertise across compliance and political platforms

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Shetal Patel for Expertise in Information Technology and Business Analytics

2024-04-29 | Shetal Patel is noted for her distinguished tenure and expertise in customer analytics and reporting

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Jean Rivot for Expertise in Education and Authorship

2024-04-29 | Jean Rivot is recognized for her distinguished tenure in the English language

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Jodi L. Romero, PMP, for Expertise in Management

2024-04-29 | Jodi L. Romero, PMP, has been recognized for 32 years of excellence in business process management

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Bryan C. Kimbel Jr. Honored for Two Decades of Brilliance in Film and Commercial Lighting

2024-04-29 | Bryan C. Kimbel Jr. shines bright in the entertainment industry as a master of cinematic illumination

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Alejandro Serralde for Expertise in Business and Organizational Development

2024-04-29 | Alejandro Serralde recognized for achieving an international reputation in leadership consultancy

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Caryn Riscavage Distinguished for Diverse Work in Medicare Auditing and Occupational Therapy

2024-04-29 | Caryn Riscavage recognized for over 15 years in health care, management and quality improvement

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Aldo Serafini Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who

2024-04-29 | Aldo Serafini has been endorsed by Marquis Who's Who as a leader in the nuclear medicine field

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