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Explore the Exotic World of Savannah Cats: Intelligent, Loyal and Affectionate Companions

2023-01-17 | The Savannah Cat is a breed characterized by its wild, affectionate and intelligent temperament. They have strong hunting instincts and require plenty of exercise. With the right love and care, a Savannah Cat can be the ideal companion.

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2023-01-17 | The Ulticlip Enduo is the world's first pocket carry solution that allows a handgun magazine to be carried without need for additional equipment.

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2023-01-17 | The 2022 Gold Winner of the Telly Awards

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Jerome C. Axelrod Honored for Excellence in Finance Management

2023-01-17 | Mr. Jerome C. Axelrod provides his clients with a better lifestyle through his financial advising

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Tyler Veron Kanwai Entices Clients from Far and Wide with His Delicious Food

2023-01-17 | Tyler Veron Kanwai excels as the chef and owner of TK's Surf & Turf Kitchen

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Connie Goodman-Milone Joins Her Voice with Others to Create Change

2023-01-17 | Ms. Connie Goodman-Milone has lent her expertise as a writer and health care advocate

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Elizabeth Alexander, A Lawyer, Fights for Her Clients' Rights

2023-01-17 | Ms. Elizabeth Alexander is highly regarded for her efforts in recognizing the constitutional rights of female inmates

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Joseph G. Bella Honored for His Work in Helping Place Veterans in Quality Jobs

2023-01-17 | Notably, Mr. Joseph G. Bella was twice-honored as Outstanding LVER of the Year by the American Legion

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Jon Shirley, PhD Honored for Contributions to Physics

2023-01-17 | Dr. Jon Shirley was recognized with the I.I. Rabi Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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Assistive Technology and iPad Unlock Pediatric Patient's Potential

2023-01-17 | How assistive technology changes pediatric patients' lives

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2023-01-16 | Scuti and the producers of the ultimate gaming competition show – GameMaster – will reward audiences and power their game and shopping experiences!

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Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Bloomberg School of Public Health Students Help Empower Residents and Narrow Digital Divide on Tasso Island

2023-01-16 | JHU students worked with local community partners to improve the physical and economic health of residents on historic Tasso Island in Sierra Leone, Africa.

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Joseph McCabe & Simon and Schuster Release Maintain Your Gear: Surefire Strategies to Dominate, Execute, and Scale in Business and Life

2023-01-16 | Maintain Your Gear is now available via Amazon, Major Retailers, and Audible. Joseph McCabe was recently awarded #179 on the INC 500 List.

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Richard G. Runyon Honored for His Contributions in Resolving Important Cases for the FDA

2023-01-16 | Mr. Richard G. Runyon is a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists and the American Association for the Advancement of Science

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Amina S. Woods, PhD Developed a Sterling Reputation for Laboratory Work

2023-01-16 | Dr. Amina S. Woods was the Investigator Recipient of the Woman Scientist Achievement Award from the NIH and the NIDA in 2011

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Marion Priscilla Short, MD Shines as a Neurogenetics Educator

2023-01-16 | Dr. Marion Priscilla Short was honored with the Clinical Investigator Developer Award from the National Institutes of Health

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Eiichi Jumawan Teaches the Sweet Science of Boxing at Pearlside Boxing Inc.

2023-01-16 | A renowned boxing champion, Mr. Eiichi Jumawan utilizes his talents to train young athletes and the next generation of trainers

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Phyllis Qualls, EdD Honored for Her Expertise Across Education and Communications

2023-01-16 | Notably, Dr. Phyllis Qualls was honored with a Woman of Influence Award from the National Business Journal

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Marin Sorin Caba Recognized for Excellence in Water Damage Restoration

2023-01-16 | Mr. Marin Sorin Caba has excelled as the owner of American Water and Damage Restoration since 2021

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Lilyana Auster, EdD Honored for Excellence in Educational Leadership

2023-01-16 | Dr. Lilyana Auster has excelled as a learning recovery director for the Ames Community School District in Iowa since 2021

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