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Edwin R. Loder, PhD Praised for Skill in Chemistry

2021-04-06 | A renowned chemist, Dr. Loder notably led ERL & Associates for 25 years until his retirement

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Sean H. Ponce Honored for Work in Music and Construction

2021-04-06 | A distinguished industry professional, Mr. Ponce had successful careers in music and construction

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Jennifer Ann Sutton, BS, DVM, MBA Honored for Work in Veterinary Medicine

2021-04-06 | With a passion for caring for animals, Dr. Sutton has flourished as a veterinarian for nearly two decades

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Charlotte A. Youngberg, PhD, ThD, DD Praised for Dedication to Special Education

2021-04-06 | Naturally gifted as a teacher, Dr. Youngberg had a remarkable career in education spanning four decades

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Julie Marie Rubel Honored for Entrepreneurship and a Life Well-Lived

2021-04-06 | Ms. Rubel has excelled as the owner of Crystal Lake Cave since 2012

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Jack Steele, PhD Recognized for Excellence in Chemistry

2021-04-06 | Dr. Steele served Albany State University in numerous capacities until his retirement in 2003

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Sam Sloan Praised for Chess Acumen and Business Knowledge

2021-04-06 | The sole proprietor of Ishi Press, Mr. Sloan has found success in various industries

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Sharon L. Telleen, PhD Honored for Excellence as a Researcher and Volunteer

2021-04-06 | Backed by four decades of expertise, Dr. Telleen is highly regarded for her knowledge in psychology and public health

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Stephanie R. Cooper Gets the Star Treatment!

2021-04-06 | Ms. Cooper, an accomplished attorney, discusses her career with Star Jones

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Melita's Table 7-Week Seed Challenge Invites Communities to Grow Food Together to Celebrate Earth Day

2021-04-05 | Melita's Table wants to connect all of you in the fun of growing your very own seed.

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The World's First Self-Cooling Triple Defense Sun Serum

2021-04-03 | "ICE MACIQUE" Soon to Launch on Kickstarter

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#GoPongo Book from Publisher Daniel Webster Seeks to Save Local News, Local Communities and the Internet with New Complete Communications System

2021-04-03 | The #GoPongo formula and platform seeks to integrate a business system which connects content creators to a steady stream of residual revenue, thus, a creator can make a living from a population of 6,000 to worldwide circulation.

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Digital Tech Company creates Contactless Digital Business Cards to help stop the Spread of Covid19 and germs

2021-04-02 | While addressing the need for digital business cards, the company noted that the pandemic has prompted an evolution of new and innovative ways to continue to do business. Reducing the reliance on face-to-face contact.Utilizing Digital Transformation!

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Joel Seth Aronson, RPh Recognized for Work in Pharmaceuticals

2021-04-02 | Mr. Aronson has devoted his career to science, particularly involving pharmaceuticals

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George Henry Megrue Set Himself Apart as a Business Owner and Artist

2021-04-02 | Mr. Megrue was the founder and president of Megrue Microanalytical Systems Co., as well as an artist.

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Brian Abel Ragen, PhD Praised for Excellence in Education

2021-04-02 | Dr. Ragen is a well-read, cultured and inspiring intellectual backed by more than 35 years of experience

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Mary K. Spore Alhadef Praised for Her Work as a Librarian

2021-04-02 | Ms. Alhadef has devoted her life to books and teaching

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Barbara A. Chalk, RN Honored for Excellence in Nursing

2021-04-02 | Ms. Chalk has excelled as a medical and surgical nurse for more than 40 years

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William A Lester, Jr., Ph.D. Gets the Star Treatment!

2021-04-01 | Dr. Lester sits with Star Jones to review his career in science

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Gerald Lawson Gill Gets the Star Treatment!

2021-04-01 | Mr. Gill, a retired librarian, sits with Star Jones to discuss his career

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