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"Bleep, I Got My Pots," Cooking Show Makes Its Debut with Chef and Hip-Hop Royalty Trick Daddy Dollars Featuring Deliciousness and Special Guest with a Twist of Pop Culture Hor-D'oeuvres

2022-03-28 | Trick Daddy Dollars is also the owner of Sunday's Eatery Restaurant, a homestyle southern based culinary experience in Miami Gardens, Florida.

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Rock Island Records Releases ELSIE BINX MADNESS

2022-03-25 | The new album hits the streets running!

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New Research Shows the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Program Improves Multiple Health Behaviors of Young Adults

2022-03-25 | A new study published in Preventive Medicine Reports (2022) tested the single-session InShape Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program for improving multiple health behaviors among United States college students.

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High Gas Prices Prompts Tech Company to Act for US Citizens

2022-03-25 | New solution from Confirmed uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to save on-the-go pros and consumers big dollars

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U.S. Artist Plans to Donate up to $350 Million to "Help Save Children in Ukraine" Charity

2022-03-24 | Jack Armstrong, founder of Cosmic 'X' art, will donate 50% of proceeds in a rare art sale.

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SpotterRF has Grown into Spotter Global

2022-03-24 | Rapid expansion has necessitated a new name for SpotterRF which aligns with expanded goals and offerings of the company.

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As Womens' National History Month Ends: Are Women Ready For Child Births For The Spring Of 2022?

2022-03-24 | The very essence of the heart of the greatest grandmother as mother Earth penetrates by way of divine love.

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New Jersey Youth Symphony launches a nationwide "Playathon for Ukraine" Livestream on Sunday, March 27 @ 4pm EDT

2022-03-23 | The New Jersey Youth Symphony will donate 25% of its proceeds from the 2022 Playathon event to Doctors Without Borders for their efforts in Ukraine. This will be the organization's second fundraiser for Ukraine this month.

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Meta Bank Defi Described As World's First Decentralized 360 Solution Bank In The Metaverse

2022-03-23 | The new crypto-based platform was developed to leverage the unique advantages of decentralized finance to create simple, dependable digital banking procedures

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HWPL Holds its 6th Annual DPCW Commemoration and Aims to Establish a Legal Foundation to Institutionalize Peace

2022-03-22 | HWPL's 6th Commemoration of the Declaration of Peace and the Cessation of War (DPCW), with a heightened theme of 'Institutionalizing Peace,' builds on the cooperation of all global citizens in accepting the universal mission of sustainable peace

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Fenix Launches BC26R, Remarkable Bicycle Light Seems To Illuminate For Ever

2022-03-22 | Fenix ultra-bright rechargeable bicycle light BC26R features 1600 lumens output.

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QIDX Throat & Nasal Swabs

2022-03-19 | Breakthrough Throat & Nasal Swabs to fight COVID-19 pandemics

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Dr. Barbara Taber Schools Dems In 'Better Marketing', Issues Stern Warning About the High Election Stakes Ahead

2022-03-17 | Esteemed educator, author and political commentator, Barbara Taber, Ed.D., has unveiled the latest episode of her acclaimed 'Take It Or Leave It' podumentary series.

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Painted Girl Records Releases Controversial Video for Mary Lemanski's "K.A.R.M.A.: Klansmen Are Ruining My America"

2022-03-16 | At least 50% of profits will go to charities & non-profits promoting anti-hate and tolerance for others.

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Girl World Peace Academy Program Supports Women on a Mission to Empower Girls

2022-03-16 | Empowered Flower Girl launches course for mentors, role models and other youth advocates

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Harold Bluestein Puts His Legal Skills to Use an Attorney, Mediator and Consultant

2022-03-16 | Holding an AV Preeminent Rating, he has also been honored as Lawyer of the Year in Family Law in Miami

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Deidra Wilson Excels as Chief Executive Officer of AeroStar Training Services

2022-03-16 | A leader and pioneer in aviation, Ms. Wilson is a longtime member of Women in Aviation International

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Bill G. Roberts Celebrates a Career Dedicated as a Firefighter

2022-03-16 | Mr. Roberts most recently excelled as fire chief of the Austin Fire Department until retiring in 1994

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Geoffrey J. Iverson, PhD is Renowned for His Teaching and Research as Professor Emeritus

2022-03-16 | Dr. Iverson has conducted studies on signal detection, as well as memory, vision and statistical decision making

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