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Penguin releases Everything Bad is Good For You by Steven Johnson

2006-04-09 | Penguin has just released Everything Bad is Good For - How popular culture is making us smarter by Steven Johnson

e-Marketing Website Helps e-Businessmen get started and Excel in the World Wide Web - Don't Guess, Learn from the Best!

2006-03-31 | (Zaandam, Netherlands) - Excel in MLM,, provides new and experienced e-Businessmen and Internet Marketers an innovative, zero-cost method of promoting their e-businesses in the World Wide Web!

Belfast Ireland's bloody violent troubles of the past have come to an end

2006-03-24 | Anyone who grew up in Belfast in the 70s and 80s knows how hard it was, but peace has finally arrived

The 2nd Annual Robert S. Shumake Scholarship Relays "Chasing the Dream...Catching the Dream...Living the Dream"

2006-03-13 | A US Track and Field Association sanctioned track meet on April 29, 2006 at MLK High School Detroit, MI. High School Athletes from Detroit and the Mid-West will compete for trophies and scholarships furnished by the Robert S. Shumake Foundation

George Toma Endorses All-Natural Lassenite Soil Amendment

2005-10-18 | "Twice the root depth with half the water" is how George Toma has been describing his experience working with the new Lassenite ATS soil amendment.

The Devil Witch - The one book our kids will be reading this year.

2005-09-18 | In my new book, when young Sam Taylor plans to steal his teacher's walking stick, he unwillingly finds himself in a fantastic new world of gnomes, trolls, Kings, ghostly Knights, and of course the infamous Devil-Witch.

Echo Boomers: Pay hundreds now or pay thousands later

2005-09-15 | Today , young people need a background in business to be successful. Many a college graduate has found that not having knowledge of the business world can hinder a job search. Business week programs can help today's high school kids get a jumpstart on learning about the world of business.

Latino Cartoonists Team Up for Hispanic Heritage Month

2005-09-14 | More details and art at under news releases. Request accompanying art by emailing [email protected] or calling Kathie Kerr at 816-360-6945.

Celebrate! ADHD Urges Parents to Adopt-A-Teacher

2005-08-30 | Tragically, most teachers try to change their brightest, most curious students—children with ADHD and Attention Deficit Disorder—with Ritalin rather than changing their teaching styles. Celebrate!ADHD is urging parents to "Adopt-A-Teacher" to improve self-confidence and school performance.

More School Budget Cuts to Come Next School. Maybe A Solution?

2005-05-24 | School's budgets are becoming an increasing problem around the country. Budget cuts are becoming far too common, but a small company in Burlison, TN is cutting prices on school furnishings to help out the budget.

10 best writers who ever lived

2005-05-20 | Author offers list of history's top wordsmiths

Timely Tutors Provides Another Approach To Tutoring

2005-03-29 | Parents can remarkably affect their children's performance in school by simply adding the ability to determine where and when a tutoring session holds by securing the services of Timely Tutors.

Web-based Service Takes Innovative Approach to College Recruiting

2004-11-10 | The newly-unveiled is an innovative website devoted to giving prospective college athletes maximum exposure to college coaches.