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Ring The Virtual IPO Bell! STUDIO 777 is Going Public On Second Life's Capital Exchange

2014-06-01 | STUDIO 777 in Second Life joins the #1 Stock Market Simulation Game with a L$6,000,000 initial public offering, its largest ever. The IPO on Capital Exchange begins Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 5:00am PDT.

World Explorers Ready to Set Sail in Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory

2014-05-30 | Haypi Co., Ltd. has introduced Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory 1.0.0, its new strategic war game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Anyone can become a world explorer!

Redgate's "Pirate Era" is Seaworthy Adventure for Mobile Devices

2014-05-28 | Arrgh, Matey! Set sail for piratical adventure as RedGate Games introduces the first ever 3D, mobile sea battle game for iOS and Android.

Review Ringer, New Startup Movie Review Application Launches Idiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

2014-05-27 | Three South Florida entrepreneurs are urging movie goers to support their customized movie review application by donating to the next movie review and rating destination for personalized, relevant reviews.

Find Them All: Looking for Animals - Educational Game for Children - Now Released on Android

2014-05-22 | Have you heard of the greater kudu, the tarsier or the okapi? Through this game children will discover 144 species of animal from the everyday to the strangest!

The Launch of The World First Global 100 Million Dollar Social Sports Bracket Contest

2014-05-21 | Financial and legal restrictions, however, have stood in the way of a truly global contest involving sports brackets. All that is about to change.

Zombie Byte! for iOS & Android Delivers Rare Zombie Experience on Kickstarter

2014-05-20 | Inspired by video game culture, Zombie Byte is set in alternate universe where a boy named Miles must battle zombie versions of his video games characters as he uncovers the mysterious connection between himself and the zombie video game outbreak.

Forget Hoth, Darth Vader Storms the Arctic on a U.S. Navy Submarine

2014-05-07 | Sideshow Collectibles reaches the North Pole via the U.S. Navy's biggest Star Wars fan.

One-of-its-Kind PvP-Battle Game Launches Today As Appublica Introduces Dragorena For iOS

2014-04-04 | The free-to-play game available for iPad on the App Store.

Lemondo Entertainment Launches New iOS Game

2014-03-10 | Lemondo Entertainment announces the launch of its exciting new game, Pixel Hunter.

Publ Studio Inc.'s 'G-Learning Appbook': The Combination of Game and Education!

2014-01-21 | Publ Studio Inc. currently owns more than a thousand contents and develops a new concept of G-learning appbook which combines games and appbooks.

New App Provides Business-Building Skills Through Climbing Mount Everest Experience

2013-12-17 | First app of its kind for iPad, launched by Netherlands company, Everest Manager, boosts skills of project managers and team leaders through fun game scaling the heights of Mount Everest.

Bandisoft Announces Bandicam with Hardware Acceleration for Game Recording

2013-12-07 | Bandisoft has announced that the new version of Bandicam fully supports the hardware accelerated H.264 video encoders of Intel, NVIDIA and AMD.

Help Your Kid's Spelling Skills Take Off with Spelling Super Star for iOS!

2013-11-29 | Edutainment Games Ltd. today announces the release of a newly updated version of Spelling Super Star for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app blends fun and learning together to bring kids an intuitive audio visual experience.

Draft Gods, Inc. Releases the First Fantasy Sports Membership Site

2013-11-26 | Play fantasy sports games every day for free or upgrade to VIP and get treated like a god. Sign up today to receive a free one-week VIP trial!

New Mobile Game App Lets People See If They Are Smarter Than Their Friends

2013-11-20 | Bullets and Maggots allows a player to challenge up to 21 friends as they try to guess the number or word code first. Available for Apple, Android and Blackberry phones and tablets, you can play 8 different games and prove you are the smartest! Top 20 STEM Toys for 2013

2013-11-20 | Independent consumer group, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, announces top STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) toys on their website,

School Trip Destinations, Right into Smart Phone Apps! 'QR Learning - Gangwon' Launched

2013-10-31 | Combination of QR code, App content and workbooks, 'QR's Jolly school trip'

There's a Good Time to be Spied w/ EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest on Android!

2013-10-26 | Rojo SEA today announces the release of EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest onto Google Play. A mentally engaging hidden object discovery adventure, EyeSpy challenges players young and old alike to pick out specific objects from various grouped sets.

Kingdom of Pirates 1.2 is Out

2013-10-12 | Only within 2 months from the original release, Kingdom of Pirates, the latest MMORPG by Toivon Studio, has been downloaded several hundred thousand times, and the developer has released two major updates.