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Sort it Brings Fast Finger Puzzle Games to a Whole New Level of Fun for All Ages

2014-12-03 | Sort It is the world's most exhilarating, fast-finger puzzle game in which users sort different colored packages into their identical corresponding colored chutes as rapidly as possible.

Developed for NASA; Fine-Tuned for Gamers

2014-11-23 | Dimension Technologies Inc. Launches Kickstarter Campaign for 27" Glasses-Free 3D/2D Display

If You Can't Run on the Real Circuit, Here is R-Craft!

2014-11-21 | Any driving lovers have imagined dashing on a circuit in a well-tuned sports car. But it's hard to realize for many limitations. Now, here comes R-Craft for people unable to visit a circuit in real.

Best Casino Slots Evolves Slot Machine Fun Into a Complete Mobile Experience

2014-11-20 | Best Casino Slots is changing the way you play slot machines. Diwip Ltd. designed the app to offer users the new way to enjoy the exhilarating casino experience, providing the opportunity to win huge jackpots and play exciting bonus levels.

DTI to Exhibit Glasses-Free 3D/2D Breakthrough at Immersed in Toronto, November 23-24

2014-11-18 | DTI showcases 3D technology developed for NASA and now fine tuned for gamers and movie fans at Global Virtual Reality Event.

3D Graphic Mobile App, the Promising Must-have Item for All Exercisers

2014-11-11 | Aerowhale Studio showed off the technology which enables people to learn various sports motions with a mobile app.

Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade Announces the Ork Themed Pioneer Pack

2014-11-01 | Welcome to the "Free to WAAAGH!" way to join Eternal Crusade's Founder's Program.

An App for Children Promotes Fruits to Kids All Over the World

2014-10-31 | D5EN5: Fruits, a digital toy designed to promote fruit to children optimistically transmitting core values of friendship, respect and teamwork. This is the second app from the collection of digital toys D5EN5 after Instruments.

GAME ON! Linden Lab Approves STUDIO 777 as an Official Skill Gaming Operator in Second Life

2014-10-29 | STUDIO 777 creates unprecedented partnership, adds land, joins Pi Games Tournament System.

In Order to Remain in One Place, You Should Run!

2014-10-27 | Paradoxes of thought that the thought-run machines show by Dr. Tamas Lajtner

Free Google Glass Giveaway at!

2014-08-28 | Forget the candy, win free Google Glass.

One Man Animates $80m Movie

2014-08-20 | For four years - traveling over 2500 miles through China solo.

"Rise of Rome," a New Mobile Strategy RPG is Taking the Gaming World by Storm!

2014-08-12 | Rise of Rome is a new strategy game by RNTS Media which allows players to become a true "Roman hero" by leading armies to battle and conquer lands in the name of the Roman Empire.

Interactive Children's App TOPO's Piano Now Available on iTunes

2014-08-08 | Children's reading enhanced by interactive technology, 2D animation, illustrations and music.

New Anonymous App "ShareWhere" Exposes What Really Happens at the Places in Your Area

2014-07-24 | We've all been out somewhere and wondered 'If these walls could talk, I bet they'd have one heck of a story.' Well now they can with the new anonymous app ShareWhere that reveals what really goes on at the places around you.

KA-CHING! STUDIO 777 Delivers A 76% Dividend Increase and Reaches New Earnings Heights

2014-07-08 | STUDIO 777, Capital Exchange's largest IPO ever, sold out and joined the #1 Stock Market Simulation Game in Second Life. The Company announced that higher sales and margins generated strong earnings growth and raised Shareholder dividends.

Startup Pinball Company Launches Kickstarter To Fund Pinball Gremlins Game

2014-07-06 | Pinball Gremlins is the ever pinball machine to feature a full color dot matrix display, the first to be launched through any crowdfunding platform, and the first unlicensed and original themed pinball machine in over a decade.

DRAM Digital Device Class Action Settlement

2014-07-02 | Claim at least $10 or more for digital devices purchased between 1998 and 2002, including computers, servers, MP3 players, DVD players, video game consoles, and more.

STUDIO 777 in Second Life Closes Initial Public Offering On Capital Exchange

2014-06-24 | Capital Exchange's largest IPO ever for STUDIO 777 sells out and joins the #1 Stock Market Simulation Game in Second Life. STUDIO 777's CapEx ticker symbol is FUN.

Commemorate The 75th Anniversary Of The Start Of World War II With Enemy Dawn Game App

2014-06-22 | The Action Game that Brings it All: Enemy Dawn!