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4th R foundation: Our President, Sajid Khan Says, "The Time Has Come!

2013-01-14 | Science and religion both have emotional baggage against each other! The time has come for both to get rid of their baggage and pool their knowledge and work together.

After-Life Experience or Damascus Road Encounter?

2013-01-07 | Author Jim Maxim relives his supernatural experience in critically-acclaimed book, available as a free ebook January 7 through January 11.

Los Angeles Psychologist Expands Practice to Pacific Palisades

2012-12-28 | Los Angeles clinical psychologist Dr. Sherri Nader is pleased to announce that she has expanded her private practice to Pacific Palisades.

BILL W., Inspiring Documentary about Bill Wilson, Co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Now on DVD for Immediate Shipping in Time for Holiday Gift-Giving and Streaming on iTunes and Movies on Demand

2012-12-11 | After a successful run in theaters in the U.S. and Canada, the new documentary is now the perfect holiday gift - one of hope and inspiration - especially for those in recovery, and for their families and friends.

Page 124 Productions, in Association With FilmBuff, Announces BILL W., the New and Revealing Documentary About Bill Wilson, Co-Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, is Now Available for Purchase on DVD

2012-12-06 | This inspiring and candid film exploring the life of one of the least-known but most influential men of the 20th century will be available Tuesday, December 11, 2012 on DVD, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and cable Video on Demand.

Alcoholism--As Seen Through A Child's Eyes

2012-10-24 | The Drunkard's Son, a memoir.

Seventh Avenue Productions Releases Lance Ward's Kmart Shoes

2012-10-03 | A graphic novel drawn with a raw, honest autobiographical voice.

Leading Psychologist in Boca Raton Expands Palm Beach Psychology Associates with the Hire of Dr. Margaret Schutt

2012-10-02 | Palm Beach Psychology Associates brings Dr. Margaret Schutt into their practice.

Blue Tax Review - Complaints - Jesus Has No Complaints with His Heavenly Resolution!

2012-09-10 | Divine intervention not needed for the attorneys of Blue Tax.

Sending Only 50,000 More Free Herbal Quit Smoking Tea Samples

2012-09-05 | Since August, 2011 Quit Tea LLC has mailed over 75,000 samples of Quit Tea, the herbal quit smoking tea, to smokers all over the US, demand has been overwhelming, and after this successful run we are only sending 50,000 more free samples.

Global Vision Technologies Inc., Launches FAMCare CONNECT, Essential and Affordable Case Management Software for Nonprofits

2012-08-23 | Global Vision Technologies, Inc., (GVT) the creator of FAMCare has just launched the next evolution of case management software, FAMCare CONNECT "rapid case management" - aimed at helping nonprofits transform the way they manage cases.

Behavioral Tech Announces Fall 2012 Training Opportunities in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

2012-08-22 | Featuring the most experienced and outstanding trainers in the field of DBT at locations throughout the United States.

The HOPE ALL DAY Foundation is Coming to South Jersey

2012-08-17 | "When the World says "Give Up" Hope whispers "Try it One More Time".

Behavioral Tech Announces Fall 2012 Training Opportunities in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

2012-07-24 | Featuring the most experienced and outstanding trainers in the field of DBT at training locations throughout the United States.

Suzanne Henwood To Be First Featured Guest On The NLP View With Host, Donna Blinston, R.N. To Discuss Her Best-Selling Book, NLP and Coaching for Healthcare Professionals, On July 28, 2012 At 7pm EDT

2012-07-23 | NLP expert, Suzanne Henwood discusses her best-selling book, NLP and Coaching for Healthcare Professionals with Donna Blinston, host of The NLP View Radio Show on Saturday, July 28, 2012.

Soberlink, Inc. Sees Impact Within Treatment Community

2012-07-08 | Soberlink, Inc.'s alcohol monitoring product receives positive feedback within several prominent treatment centers in the addiction recovery community.

WeDoRecover Aims to Alter the Stigma of Treatment for Alcohol and Other Drug Addictions

2012-06-27 | Did you know that one of the most common reasons why patients don't want to attend addiction treatment is because of the stigma that society associates to the terms 'alcoholic' and 'drug addict'?

1960s and '70s Spring to Life in Edgy Chicago Memoir

2012-06-20 | Prepare for Mayhem.

MedConnections's iPharmacy Takes #1 Medical App on Apple App Store

2012-06-12 | MedConnections's flagship app, iPharmacy, which renders medication guidance, pharmacy locator, prescription discount, pill identifier and consumer community, has become the number one medical app in US.

Criminal Sale of Marijuana

2012-06-09 | Drug laws vary from state to state. In many states, the sale of marijuana may not fall under criminal code due to its purported medical benefits.