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Philadelphia Children Publishing Their Futures

2009-04-15 | Authentic Publishing LLC turns decades old problems into solution, gives Philadelphia students opportunity to publish their dreams.

Sofine Fashions - Unveils New Trendy Tie-Dye Spring/Summer 2009 Collection for Yoga Pilates, Cardio, Active Wear

2009-04-01 | Sofine Fashions announced today new market introduction of Spring/Summer 2009 New Hand Tie Dye Collection for Women's Active Wear and Fitness Apparel designed by Myrna Sandnes.

Intrepid Travel Announces Spring Break Trips in Mexico

2009-02-06 | College students looking for alternative to traditional spring break

Latin-Pak Adds to its Marketing Repertoire

2009-01-22 | New for 2009, Latin-Pak now includes Contextual Messaging to Hispanics in its direct marketing repertoire. Latin-Pak's Contextual Marketing addresses the branding of a product by matching categories or key search words to the advertisers message broad scope of US Hispanic web sites.

Times of the Internet Now Available to 124 Million More People

2008-10-22 | Times of the Internet has extended their reach to 124 million people. Spanish language news now available 24/7.

Latin-Pak Announces its Membership to The National Minority Supplier Development Council

2008-10-03 | Latin-Pak, the premier Hispanic Direct Marketing Company since 1996 confirms today its recently approved membership to the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

So Fine Fashions - Launches New Women's Active Workout Wear by: Myrna Sandnes

2008-09-30 | Sofine Fashions announced today new market introduction of "New Green Sea Collection for Women's Active Wear and Fitness Apparel designed by Myrna Sandnes.

Sara Louise Mora, RN Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-18 | She sits on the leadership advisory board of the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.

U.S. Voters Can and MUST Achieve Congressional Term Limits on November 4, 2008 just by Casting Their Votes for an Honest and More Efficient Government. The Voters problems do not lie with the Presidential Candidates but solely with a corrupt Congress.

2008-09-12 | Many have tried to petition for and pass legislation for Congressional Term Limits but have failed to get enough votes in the House and Senate. The votes of the people in November will accomplish what they haven't.

La Pulqueria's New York Debut at SouthPaw in Park Slope Brooklyn on Sunday July 13th at 8:00pm

2008-07-07 | La Pulqueria, a young band from Valencia, Spain is performing at SouthPaw in Park Slope Brooklyn, NY. Date is Sunday July 18th, 8:00pm. Hard-mariachi-tropi-punk-beachy-latino-balcán- FUN. This is the name brand that defines the musica of La Pulquería. ..Yes, their concerts are one huge party.

Desert Road Publishing Debuts David Miguel Estrada's Comedy 'The Yale Diaries'

2008-07-01 | New political play will launch Independence Day

The world's largest painting of Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Washington, DC

2008-04-11 | A 14 ft. portrait painting of "Pope Benedict XVI at Prayer with the Holy Theologians" from the National Museum of Catholic Art and History in NYC has arrived at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, DC for the pontiff's visit.

Publication Date for Mercedes Lambert's Dogtown/Soultown Omnibus Nears -- First time complete Dogtown Trilogy will be in print

2008-03-18 | Mercedes Lambert's complete Dogtown trilogy will be in print for the first time, five years after the author's death. Her friend and literary executor worked since her death to find a publisher for Ghosttown and a reprint publisher from Dogtown and Soultown.

SolMaya Brands Successfully Launches New Line of Delicious Latin American Flavored Dairy Beverages

2007-11-15 | SolMaya Brands Successfully Launches New Line of Delicious Latin American Flavored Dairy Beverages at the Cultural Food Expo in New York City.

Latin-Pak Co-op Weekly Door Hanger: Circulation Continues to Expand Nationally

2007-09-29 | Latin-Pak announces a 100% increase in circulation to its weekly Co-op Door Hanger program in several areas.

Ethnicity and Rhinoplasty

2007-09-28 | Rhinoplasty procedures have become increasingly popular not only in the Caucasian population, but also with African-American, Asian, and Hispanic populations.

The Hispanic Marketing Industry; Latin-Pak - Past, Present and Future

2007-09-15 | How Hispanic marketing has evolved and the beginning of Latin-Pak and what is to come.

A New Approach to Ethnic Rhinoplasty

2007-08-28 | Rhinoplasty or "nose job" is often sought by people of different ethnic backgrounds. The procedure is complex and results are best when overall facial appearance is taken into account.

Pass the Tostones Rellenos, por favor. Or the Toston w/caramelized apples and whipped cream. Or the Plantain Pita. Celebrate with Chef DonClark, Ambassador of Plantains, and the 44 million Hispanics living in the US during Hispanic Heritage Month starting Sept. 15th

2007-08-14 | Chef DonClark, has taken the plantain, a staple in everyday Hispanic cooking, and reinvented the fruit, in a fashion that has opened the eyes of Plantain lovers everywhere to possibilities beyond the toston, but first ... there had to be a first!

PromoCard Services Helps Marketers Reach Hispanic Market With Latin America Phone Card

2007-07-26 | PromoCard Services, a leader in stored value card promotions, has added a new Latin-focused promotion to its portfolio, Latin America Phone Cards. This new prepaid phone card promotion offers flat rate calling to Mexico, Central and South America.