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Latin-Pak's 100% Pure Hispanic Database Increases by 6% in 2007

2007-02-25 | Effective immediately Latin-Pak has increased the number of pure Hispanic Households in its database to 8,999,196.

Across Range of Political Activities, U.S. Hispanics Less Involved Than Non-Hispanics; Candidate's Gender and Ethnicity Change Likelihood of Voting for Both Population Groups

2007-02-08 | Report on survey findings is released that compares Hispanic and non-Hispanic political beliefs, behaviors, and characteristics. Topics include degree of political activity, views on political parties and issues, and preferences for the 2008 presidential election.

More Hispanics are Opting for Cosmetic Surgery

2007-01-31 | Plastic surgery is rapidly gaining popularity among Latinos. One renowned plastic surgeon on Rodeo Drive in California specializes in plastic surgery for Hispanics and discusses the special considerations in providing cosmetic surgery for Latino men and women.

For U.S. Hispanics, Clinton First Choice for President in 2008; Several African-Americans Also Top of Mind

2007-01-18 | Survey compares views of Hispanic/non-Hispanic likely voters on 2008 presidential candidate choices. Willingness to consider a Democratic/Republican candidate, preference for specific candidates, and open-ended, impromptu preferences are reported.

Latin-Pak Door-to-Door Co-op Program = 100% Pure Targeted Hispanic Households + 52 Weeks of Deliverability

2007-01-13 | The Latin-Pak Hispanic Door-to-Door Co-op is unique in that it is 100% targeted to Hispanic households in the United States and offers 52 weeks of delivery.