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Where's P.T. Barnum when you need him? - Scholarship Offered to Wildest P.T. Barnum publicity thinker for new book campaign

2004-12-23 | Prolific author seeks outrageous publicist to help promote new book -- offers $1,000 cash scholarship -- Wants to "Shake the Earth" April 5th

TrackingROI Launches Website Community for Fighting Click Fraud

2004-12-22 | Provides Resources for the Prevention of Online Advertising Fraud

Phishing and Bank Fraud Attacks Stopped Cold by Pattern-based Anti-spam Filter

2004-12-21 | Phishing attacks, cleverly crafted emails, ostensibly originating from a bank or credit card issuer, are quickly becoming the most destructive security threat on the Internet.

Free Online Tool to Customize RSS Feed Buttons

2004-12-16 | Create custom RSS graphics to indicate the precense of an RSS feed. MetaSearch Engine Announces Integration of Pay-Per-Click Features and Ties to Local Search Engine

2004-12-16 | site introduces proprietary search algorithm that greatly enhances the relevance of search results gathered from leading search engines.

iCue Corp Poised for Growth with New Ownership Structure

2004-12-08 | iCue Corp, a privately held broadcast Internet fax and mass email service provider, is finishing the year strongly with more positive changes.

WHOA Cautions Consumers To Shop Safely Online This Holiday Season

2004-12-05 | Most U.S. consumers shopping online are concerned about finding reputable sellers offering genuine products, according to a 2003 Business Software Alliance survey.

Google, Yahoo, FindWhat, and Would Never. Only Would

2004-11-22 | Internet marketing, online advertising, and website promotion, will change forever, thanks to the popular pay per click search engine Today, publicly la

Bucks County Pennsylvania Native Creates Popular Web Site Design and Search Engine Optimization Forums

2004-11-20 | Small town Bucks County native operates one of the top five web design forums on the Internet.

What Exactly is Internet Marketing?

2004-11-17 | Makes the case that the emerging discipline of "Internet Marketing" is a chaotic field, littered with acronyms, in dire need of organization and clarification.

New online recruiting firm challenges the mold

2004-11-17 | Harness the power — and relationships — of your own people to find highly qualified job candidates. Headless Hunter fills job openings without expensive commissions.

Angelbodywear Lingerie Announces Holiday Lineup

2004-11-10 | With Christmas Just Around The Corner, What Not A Better Time For Some Intimate Lingerie From Angelbodywear Lingerie

Now You Never Have to Find Your Favorite Sports Score!

2004-09-19 | Launch of new web site e-mails your favorite sports scores to you directly!

Directory Listings a Benefit for Online Retailers and Services.

2004-09-18 | Frustrated with your web site buried 30 pages into a search engine? Then join the millions of site owners who continually are frustrated with listing in search engines.