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Advantage Networking, Inc. Partners with ProtectPoint Security

2005-10-08 | Advantage Networking, Inc., a leading provider of networking and security consulting services, today announced a strategic partnership with Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based ProtectPoint Security, Inc.

WebStream Releases New Radio Station Managers Control Panel

2005-10-07 | WebStream (, today announced the release of a new Radio Station Managers Control Panel for radio operators and station managers to use in managing their streaming broadcast players and accessing associated services and support.

X-PRO TAPI - The First Fully Compatible TAPI Softphone for VOIP with Outlook Integration and Developers Interface.

2005-09-01 | Global IP Telecommunications is proud to announce the release of X-Pro TAPI, the first fully TAPI (Telephony API) compliant VOIP software telephone on the market.

BlogMatrix Version 6 Released

2005-08-26 | BlogMatrix has released a new version of its blogging platform for podcasters, videocasters and bloggers.

The HitClick Independent Music Network ( to Become BandFreaks.Com

2005-08-05 | The HitClick Independent Music Network is slated to change name to BandFreaks.Com later this week. This transition comes complete with a new updated look and improved functionality for its reknowned "Band Finder".

Internet Gadget Website, Gizmos for Geeks, Marks 1st Anniversary with Contests

2005-07-30 | On August 1, 2005, Gizmos For Geeks, a fast growing gadget website, is celebrating its one year anniversary. To mark the occassion, a giveaway will be held every day from August 1st through August 5th inclusive.

FeedForAll Walks Away a Winner

2005-07-27 | FeedForAll, a software tool designed to create, edit and publish RSS feeds and podcasts, took home top honors at the recent 2005 Shareware Industry Awards ceremony, by recieiving the award for the Best Internet Communication Tool.

Search Engine Marketing with Google Adwords May Result in Financial Disaster for the Unprepared

2005-07-21 | Effective use of Google AdWords can generate increased search engine traffic in less than 30 minutes. AdWords can produce more sales (and profits) than almost any other form of search engine marketing, but Google's complex and competitive system ensures financial disaster for the unprepared.

Terrorism, Fear, Mergers, Downsizing, Layoff's, Unemployment... Should You Start Your Own Business?

2005-07-11 | Too many people don't plan ahead for the possibility of financial setbacks, problems or adversity. The consequences of this can be devestating for some. Here is a plan to consider...

Protect yourself from spying eyes and hackers, even working on public wireless Internet connection.

2005-07-10 | Get a Secure International Internet Access anywhere. International ISP announces its new VPN services available for any Dial-up, Toll-free, or Wifi Internet Access worldwide.

Bigmouthmedia wins top Scottish business award

2005-07-01 | In a year that has seen bigmouthmedia secure several major new contracts, the search marketing leader scooped its third award of the year when it picked up the Best Performing Business award at the 2005 Enterprising Scotland Awards.

'Blawgs' Little More than an Expensive Hobby for Many Law Firms

2005-06-20 | Considered the key to Web success by some, surveys show that most people do not know what a blog is. president Dale Tincher tells how "blawgs" - "blogs" for legal websites - could become great marketing tools, but will fail miserably for many.

FotoFlix Aims to Change How Bloggers Blog Their Photos

2005-06-16 | FotoFlix joins the two most powerful communication tools and puts them in the hands of bloggers. A Flix lets bloggers publish rich content including photos and audio directly to their blog.

WebStream Announces Localized Search Engine Registrations

2005-06-15 | WebStream today announced that it is offering localized search engine registrations for local-driven or retail businesses. Google, Yahoo and Amazon are among the leaders now in the latest tool for being found on the web.