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Miami Clinic That Specializes in the Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy

2021-08-05 | How they can help treat your peripheral neuropathy, not just mask your symptoms

The Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship

2021-08-04 | Helping those who may need a helping hand in achieving their goals.

Local Raleigh Chiropractor Makes It Easier to Relieve Pain

2021-07-14 | Dr. Rose Boyd, Chiropractor with The Joint, Helps Local Raleigh Residents Get the Care and Chiropractic Treatment They Need Easier and Faster Than Other Chiropractors

Dallas Clinic Helped Carl Reach His Pain Relief Goals Without Knee Replacement Surgery

2021-03-10 | Is Regenerative Medicine the Natural Pain-Relief Alternative You've Been Searching For?

Fort Worth Massage Therapist Nina Roloff Opens NiNart Health & Beauty at Salon & Spa Galleria

2021-02-16 | Veteran Owned Massage Studio in North Richland Hills Offers Cupping Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Clinical Massage

Idaho Clinic Now Using New Medicare-covered Acellular Amniotic Product Known As NuDyn to Treat Painful Conditions

2021-01-21 | How the NuDyn Injectable is Revolutionizing the Field of Regenerative Medicine

Miami Clinic Now Located in Beautiful, New Renovated Space and Administering Brand New Class IV Laser Therapy Treatments

2021-01-17 | Dr. Greaux DC, founder and medical director of Aventura Wellness and Rehab Center, inaugurates beautiful new treatment area with advanced laser therapy treatments.

Patient Finally Finds Relief Through Specialized Treatment Program at ReMed Pain and Wellness Clinic After Years of Suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy

2021-01-17 | Seemingly impossible-to-cure, debilitating neuropathy finally improved drastically with unique treatments from ReMed Pain and Wellness Clinic in under two months.

TED Ventures Establishes TREND Healthcare

2021-01-04 | Elevated healthcare should be the standard for all of Dallas-Fort Worth, according to TED Ventures.

iTech adds a seamless Claim Status Inquiry feature to its expEDIum Product Suite

2020-12-08 | iTech has introduced a "Seamless Claim Status Inquiry" feature in its expEDIum Medical Billing (eMB) product to make seamless inquiries from the original claims submitted through eMB.

Tampa Clinic Provides Lasting Relief for Chronic Low Back Pain with Regenerative Treatments

2020-12-05 | Dr. Neninger of the Pain and Wellness Institute provides regenerative medicine treatments as an effective solution to help patients find long-term relief from their chronic low back pain.

Body Correction, Massage, Fitness? BALANCENAP, Launches on Indiegogo in November

2020-11-12 | With the development of MasterFit, a new concept of health care items that correct an unbalanced body

Campbell Medical Clinic Brings in New Associate Doctor

2020-11-04 | Introducing Dr. Nieves to Campbell Medical Clinic, coming in with a diverse professional background and certified in various effective methods of treatment.

Patients with PTSD are Now Finding Relief at Tampa, FL Medical Clinic with Stellate Ganglion Block Injections

2020-11-04 | Pain and Wellness Institute is now helping patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder through the advanced medical procedure known as Stellate Ganglion Block Injections

This Pregnant Patient Found Relief from Her Back Pain Thanks to PRP Treatments

2020-11-04 | How the procedure known as platelet-rich plasma injections can provide safe and effective pain relief, even during pregnancy.

Laser Spine Surgery and How It Works to Relieve Backpain & Neckpain

2020-10-09 | Laser Spine Center of Atlanta offers Outpatient Procedures with Minimally Invasive Surgeries & Pain Management Treatments

The First Minority-Owned Chiropractic Clinic, Desert Hot Springs Chiropractic, Opens in Desert Hot Springs, CA

2020-09-20 | Dr. Tiffany Raith brings a drug-free option for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, for the whole family, to the Coachella Valley

Daytona Beach Chiropractor, Doctor Wagner, Launches Redesigned Website

2020-09-10 | Daytona Beach auto accident doctor, Doctor Wagner, has recently launched a completely redesigned business website.