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Martin G. Wade, Jr. Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-16 | Mr. Wade has 13 years of experience in government service. An expert in law enforcement management, he is responsible for overseeing U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Marine Program in Miami, where he manages 6 marine units, 60 Marine Interdiction Agents and 18 enforcement vessels.

Mary L. Jackson Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-10 | Ms. Jackson has received several Service Awards from the State of Texas.

Joy Maxwell Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-25 | Ms. Maxwell has seven years of professional experience in budgeting and human resource management. She is responsible for managing human resources, payroll, benefits and budgets for state agency employees

U.S. Voters Can and MUST Achieve Congressional Term Limits on November 4, 2008 just by Casting Their Votes for an Honest and More Efficient Government. The Voters problems do not lie with the Presidential Candidates but solely with a corrupt Congress.

2008-09-12 | Many have tried to petition for and pass legislation for Congressional Term Limits but have failed to get enough votes in the House and Senate. The votes of the people in November will accomplish what they haven't.

California Manufactured Housing Institute Embraces First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

2008-08-24 | "Whether it is called a 'tax credit' or an 'interest free loan,' it is important for everyone involved in the program to understand the provision and to use it appropriately to stimulate sales," states Jess Maxcy, President, California Manufactured Housing Institute (CMHI).

InTime Solutions Announces ISE Goes Live with Six Customers in California and New York - San Bernardino County and Orange County Probation Departments, the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department, and the San Leandro, Santa Monica and Albany, NY Police Departments.

2008-07-30 | InTime Solutions is pleased to announce that six customers have gone live with ISE, InTime's next-generation employee scheduling and deployment enterprise software solution built specifically for managing public safety personnel.

California Manufactured Housing Institute Kicks-Off First National Manufactured Housing Week

2008-06-16 | Congress designated this week as Manufactured Housing Week in recognition of the important role manufactured housing plays in meeting the housing needs of all Americans.

G.W. Exotic Animal Park gives birth to first Liger Twins in Oklahoma

2008-05-25 | The G.W. Exotic Animal Park announces its the first to have baby Ligers born in the state of Oklahoma and with healthy twin little girl cubs. These were allowed to breed naturally with no help from humans.

Child Abduction and Parental Alienation Forum, Sun, May 18, 2008. 1pm, West Palm Beach, FL, --- Sponsored by Voice for the Children, Inc. Saving children from abduction since 1974, --- 1-561-586-8515, 1-800-28 HELPME (4-3576), [email protected]

2008-05-19 | Child Abduction is increasing to all time high levels. The surge is largely due to the increase in mentally ill parents who are suffering from a variety of inherent afflictions whose symptoms are brought out by recent waves of economic stress. Abducting parents think little of the child's welfare.

JK Harris ends tension, tax troubles for Georgia man

2008-02-03 | JK Harris and Company helps Georgia man out of tense, stressful tax situations with IRS and State of Georgia.