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Cybernet Upgrades its Fanless, All-in-One Medical Computer Product Line

2015-04-18 | Leader in medical computers expands product offering to better meet market demands.

Liteye Partners with Unmanned Experts to Bring Thermal Imaging Payloads to the UAV & UV Markets in North America

2015-04-17 | Unmanned Experts to act as co-sales & marketing, as well as technical support, for a whole line of UAV & UV thermal camera payloads including a new fusion system that combines thermal and daylight cameras into one image.

Measurement Technology Northwest forms Thermetrics, LLC

2015-04-17 | Important News from MTNW's Thermal Products Group

Sesame Smart Lock Accommodates New Technology

2015-04-17 | Sesame allows users to lock and unlock their doors using the Sesame app on their smartphones. It is the only smart lock that syncs the movement of the lock with the phone, providing exact control of the angle to which the lock turns.

dinCloud Introduces Specialized Healthcare Cloud Services

2015-04-17 | Cloud services provider enables healthcare industry with expanded security, accessibility, and disaster recovery capabilities.

Datex Announces User Conference 2016

2015-04-17 | Supply chain software developer Datex announces software user conference.

Mikogo Meets Market Demand with its Version 5.2 for Online Meetings

2015-04-17 | Focusing on the needs and feedback of its users, Mikogo has released several new features in its latest software release, Version 5.2.

Envitems Launches The World's Smallest Particle Counter

2015-04-16 | The smallest particle counter weighs only 195 grams

DigiCert's Certificate Monitoring Breaks New Ground in Preventing SSL Fraud; Express Install Automates SSL Installation

2015-04-16 | DigiCert's Certificate Monitoring breaks new ground in certificate detection and fraud protection; Express Install automates SSL deployment and eases path to HTTPS-enabled web.

CosScan, the World's First and Revolutionary Cosmetic Mobile App Scanner, is Launched

2015-04-16 | SkintechMD announces the launch of its pioneering and very useful app, CosScan. CosScan is a cosmetic mobile app that enables users to find the right skincare product based on their individual skin-type. Launches Version 3.0 PCI Security Policies and Procedures Templates & PCI DSS Policy Packets for North American Energy and Utilities Merchants

2015-04-16 |, the recognized industry leader for high-quality PCI DSS policies and procedures and PCI policy templates, has just announced the launch of its version 3.0 edition of PCI policy templates for the energy and utilities sector.

Trellis Releases New Infographic on Why You Should Use WordPress

2015-04-16 | Over 74 million websites depend on WordPress and this infographic will show you why you should too.

Prediq Media Group Named a Constant Contact Certified Solution Provider

2015-04-16 | South Florida marketing expert to help businesses achieve meaningful marketing results

Christie Launches High-Brightness 3D Projectors in 3P and 6P Laser Versions

2015-04-16 | Based on the Christie Freedom laser illumination system, customers in the cinema, location-based entertainment (LBE), immersive environment, and rental-staging markets finally have a choice of optimum 3D projection solutions.

Protecode Announces Partnership with Source Code Control in the UK

2015-04-16 | Source code control to help customers leverage the benefits of open source license management solutions.

AddvantageUSA Announces New Initiatives to Fight Online Fraud

2015-04-15 | Internet retailer AddvantageUSA is expanding its crime prevention programs and expanding the number of employees engaged in the fight against online fraud, identity theft, and related criminal activities.

Millions of Liters of Juice from One Grapefruit

2015-04-15 | New method allows production of expensive grapefruit aroma Nootkatone biotechnologically from cheap sugar using a "turbo-yeast". The versatile, healthy and tasty substance is used in drinks, pharmaceutical products or even as an insect repellent.

Measurement Technology Northwest forms Thermetrics, LLC

2015-04-15 | Important News from MTNW's Thermal Products Group

April 20th, Full Moon To Premiere Horror Comedy Sequel Evil Bong 420 On Multiple Streaming Platforms

2015-04-15 | Catch EVIL BONG 420 on HULU, Vutopia, MGO,, Vimeo, Amazon Instant, GooglePlay, BigStarMovies, ConTV and many more streaming platforms, dropping on the ultimate weed-friendly day. Full Moon refuses to bogart this joint!

Software Technology Marketing Practice Launched

2015-04-15 | Providing category expertise and complete marketing services to software publishers, channel partners, IT services firms, cloud and mobile solution providers, and related technology brands.