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A New Narrative Begins in Personal Financial Planning with the Introduction of Sawhney Systems Personal Financial Planning App for Android Devices, Planmode

2014-09-11 | As it did when revolutionizing tax planning with the #1 Income tax app, TaxMode, Sawhney Systems has used its proven success of understanding user needs to create a new app that will change how people review their personal finances.

Concurrency to Sponsor Content Management & Automation Event in Chicago

2014-09-11 | Concurrency consultants will share lessons learned from field deployments of content management and automation solutions featuring Microsoft, PSIGEN, K2, and Canon.

Accounting Systems Game Changer - Venture Management Systems LLC

2014-09-11 | A new vision for joint venture accounting.

MarBlue's Exciting 2014 iPhone 6 Launch Case and Accessory Line-Up

2014-09-10 | MarBlue's first nine products for the iPhone 6 are full of personality, high tech protection, and are ready for purchase!

CareConnectors and VRI Use PatientGraph Platform to Develop Mobile Application Framework for Developers

2014-09-09 | Making telehealth monitoring data accessible to healthcare providers from mobile applications.

On Space Station, Earth's Beauty is in the Eye of the High Definition Beholder

2014-09-09 | The ongoing High Definition Earth Viewing investigation aboard the International Space Station allows anyone with internet access to continuously stream live views of Earth directly to their desktop or mobile internet device.

CareConnectors Launches PatientGraph Platform for Healthcare Data - Seamless Data Exchange for Mobile Healthcare Application and Device Developers

2014-09-08 | PatientGraph Platform enables mobile applications and devices to share and exchange healthcare data with multiple electronic medical records systems through one interface.

Amateur Inventor with 9-to-5 Job Makes $100,000 in 16 Days Selling Solution to a Common "Pain-in-the-Neck"

2014-09-08 | Using Kickstarter, first-time inventor hits the jackpot with MantelMount, a new kind of TV mount that allows anyone to easily pull their TV down off the wall & suspend it at eye-level in front of the fireplace.

Rabbit TV Says 'What's Up...DOCC?' to Original Channels

2014-09-08 | FreeCast Launches Project DOCC 'Delivering Original Content Channels' to Millions of Viewers

MCIS is Now Offering MOTOTRBO Two Way Radios for Sales and Rental

2014-09-08 | MCIS now offers MOTOTRBO two way radio rental and sale.

Marijuana Advocacy Group "Kush Liberty" Launches Crowd Funding Campaign to Develop Innovative Mobile Tools to Promote Collaboration Among Marijuana Advocates

2014-09-06 | Kush Liberty is seeking seed funding to grow support for the Free the Weed Movement. The Tampa-based group will use money raised to develop an online community, a mobile app, merchandise, and marketing materials to build awareness.

COCONE Singapore Launches Japan's Undisputed Social Mobile Game, 'Mini Me' Globally!

2014-09-05 | The highly anticipated chart topping Mini Me widely enjoyed by Japanese players is now available globally!

Access Technology Solutions Again Ranked Among the Best Businesses in Utah

2014-09-05 | Utah Valley Business Q Magazine celebrated the best of the best companies conducting business in the region.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces New EEPROM Programming Capability from Xeltek

2014-09-05 | The Latest Xeltek SuperPro Series Support Programming Applications for Fremont Micro Devices I2C, SPI and 3-Wire Interface Serial EEPROM Families

PayStand Delivers Modern eCommerce Plugin for WooCommerce

2014-09-04 | PayStand payment gateway seamlessly integrates with WordPress' most popular eCommerce technology, bringing online merchants Bitcoin payment option and more.

Glogster Shakes up Mobile Learning with new iPad App

2014-09-04 | The digital learning experts at Glogster, in cooperation with educators around the world, are poised to release the long-awaited Glogster iPad app, built from the ground up for a truly exceptional learning experience.

Tidland Expands Air Chuck Lineup

2014-09-04 | Tidland will now carry many of the popular Air Chucks from NimCor.

3-D Printer Could Turn Space Station into 'Machine Shop'

2014-09-03 | The 3-D Printing In Zero-G Technology Demonstration is the first 3-D printer for operation in microgravity and may change the way NASA does business aboard the International Space Station.