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Buzz and Bite Highlighted In New Malaria Museum

2014-04-25 | Animated PSAs help combat disease.

Sir Richard's Condom Company is Crowdsourcing Condom Donation Recipients

2014-02-14 | Leading premium condom company invites its customers to recommend the causes they care about most for the "Buy One, Give One" program

Making Lemonade: a Photo Essay About Triumph Over Adversity

2014-01-09 | Photographer Janeke Wissekerke releases photo essay show casing how the human spirit can overcome adversity and challenge modern day stereotypes.

"I'm Still Josh" Blogger Publishes Review for getSTDtested, an Online STD Testing Service

2013-10-01 | HIV-positive blogger promotes routine STD testing and HIV testing.

CPRescue Provides Bloodborne Pathogen Training for ARAMARK Employees at the Santa Clara Convention Center

2013-09-26 | CPRescue is pleased to announce its continuing training vendor relationship with ARAMARK by providing a Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) training session for 85 ARAMARK employees.

More Than 100 International Associations Sign Agreement with OMICS Publishing Group to Make Healthcare Information Open Access

2013-08-01 | OMICS Publishing Group: A knowledge grid with 100 eminent societies and organizations. and STD Triage App Join Forces to Facilitate Virtual STD Testing and Consultation Services

2013-07-03 | STD Triage, a smartphone app, provides virtual dermatological consultations, while offers private, online STD testing and treatment.

Bibigo Supports Event to Raise Awareness, Money for Pediatric HIV/AIDS

2013-02-20 | Bibigo is pleased to announce that it teamed up with the Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles to take a stand for Pediatric HIV/AIDS by supporting UCLA's Dance Marathon for the third consecutive year.

New Circumcision Policy "Warmed-Over Myths" - Doctors Opposing Circumcision

2012-08-26 | An international physicians' group condemns the new circumcision policy of the American Academy of Pediatrics, saying the policy is little more than "warmed-over myths floated for monetary gain."

Click-itz-A Hit with Celebrities at 'A Time for Heroes' Sponsored by Disney!

2012-06-10 | Click-itz were a big hit with Celebrities at 'A Time for Heroes' sponsored by Disney. Celebrities like Katherine McNamara, Jake Short, Drake Bell, Shailene Woodley and Gwen Stefani came out to show their support. - Bangkok's You Are Not Alone Art Show to Raise Aids Awareness

2012-03-20 | The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre will be organising a new exhibition promoting understanding of Aids and HIV in April 2012.

Summit Soapbox: Near-shore Outsourcing and the Case for Capital Efficiency

2012-03-18 | Contrary to popular belief Asia is not the only economically-viable solution for outsourcing in support of the medical device industry. Viable outsourcing options in North America are capable and support the concept of capital efficiency.

STD Registry Makes Surfing for STDs Feel Like Shopping

2012-02-13 | The rejuvenated STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services website combines visual flair with social responsibility to protect public health while helping those with incurable STDs outed online by anonymous authors.

Ensil Canada Ltd. Markham, Ontario, Canada, Today Announced the Validation of a 5-Minute, Non-Invasive HIV Test at its Laboratories in Ontario, Canada

2012-01-03 | After several years of scientific and biomedical laboratory experiments, Ensil succeeds in developing a nanotechnology-based sensor to detect gp 21 and gp 27 HIV virus through urine.

Westport ENT Increases Communication Through Launch of Facebook

2011-12-03 | Dr. Andrew Parker, Norwalk Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, enhances patient interaction through online media site - Facebook. Reports on Krokodil - a New Street Drug in Russia That Eats User's Flesh

2011-07-12 | A new designer drug called krokodil (crocodile) that is taking Russia by storm. The opiate-based drug literally eats the flesh of the addicts that abuse it.

Breaking News! 2011 Urologist Report Reveals "Traction Beats Surgery for Permanent Lengthening of the Male Sex Organ"

2011-05-19 | Again it has been proven that the non-surgical penile enlargement method using a penile extender, could lead to positive results at the penile extension procedures.

Global Vision Technologies, Inc., and A.S.P.E.N. Launch Sustain, LLC, A New Online Patient Registry Software Solution for Nutrition Support Therapy

2011-04-28 | "Finally, the tracking tool that clinicians have been seeking," said Debra Ben Avram, A.S.P.E.N.'s CEO. The new tool will allow clinicians to benchmark patient outcomes against aggregate data.

Author Says the Sharing of Stories is the Cornerstone of Truth and Reconciliation Success

2011-03-22 | The Residential School experience is one that left a heart-breaking legacy.

VIDEO: Newhall Laboratories and La Bella Beauty Products Support The Wall Las Memorias HIV/AIDS Benefit, Reports Power Media Group

2010-12-18 | Newhall Laboratories and its La Bella brand were actively involved in the second annual ROJO fundraising event.