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Senior Advisory Engineer at Northrop Grumman Named Chief Technology Officer for PowerAmerica Institute

2016-05-24 | Dr. Victor Veliadis will oversee all technology functions for the public-private power electronics institute located on NC State University's Centennial Campus.

AsicBoost Project Discovers New Method to Shortcut Blockchain Mining

2016-04-21 | Licensees of the technology now leap ahead of competition in the $500m market for Bitcoin mining

MS Tech Announces Shipment of Hand-held Narcotics and Explosives Detectors to Argentina

2016-03-08 | "Our Argentinian customers are all impressed from the detection capabilities, portability, operational performance and reliability of the non-radioactive DUOSCAN detector," says Doron Shalom, CEO of MS Tech.

Rugged Gigahertz Probes and SFD De-embedding Tool for PCB Testing

2016-01-19 | Signal-Signal Differential Probe Makes SI Probing Easy

Profile Cutting Systems USA Represents and Sells the Highest Quality Plasma Cutting Machines for Industrial Use as Well as Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines and Other Fabrication Machines

2015-08-23 | Industrial plasma cutting machine manufacturer sells and offers services across the USA, Canada and South America

Mairtex- Poland Appointed as Fremont Micro Devices Distributor

2015-08-04 | Mairtex Inc. is a Large Rapidly Growing Broad Line Distributor with Headquarters in Gdynia Poland.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces Four SPI Interface Serial EEPROMS

2015-08-03 | The FT25C08A, FT25C16A, FT25C32A and FT25C64A are Four New Members of the Serial Peripheral Interface Family of EEPROM Integrated Circuits

Fremont Micro Devices Ships 3.5 Billion Serial EPROMS

2015-07-30 | Low cost manufacturing capability, a close working relationship with customers plus outstanding quality contributed to the cumulative unit volume shipments of over three and a half billion units.

Xilinx Selects DornerWorks as SDSoC Design Partner

2015-07-29 | DornerWorks is now a design services and IP partner to provide world class engineering services for Xilinx SDSoC.

Vyrian Announced as Fremont Micro Devices Distributor

2015-07-29 | Vyrian Offers Customers Same Day Shipment and Over 100M Components in Stock from Hubs in Asia, Europe and North America

Solid State Optronics USA (SSO) Introduces 1200V Miniature MOSFET Output Solid State Relay

2015-07-01 | AD6C010 raises the voltage limit of SSRs and can replace electromechanical relays

TJ Green Associates, LLC Announces Fall Training Schedule

2015-06-22 | Rare opportunity for engineers, technicians, and inspectors to get specialized training which is normally offered on-site at Lockheed Martin, JPL, Honeywell and other leading microelectronics companies.

Solid State Optronics Expands Sales Channel with New Partner, Landmark Technical Sales

2015-06-15 | Territory Covers Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, El Paso and Mexico Border

Delta Mobile Systems will be Exhibiting at the Senors Expo, June 9-11, 2015

2015-06-06 | Debra Jones, VP of Engineering at Delta Mobile Systems, will be a featured speaker at the Sensors Expo held in Long Beach, CA, on June 10, 2015. She will be giving a presentation and demo about Smart Radar Sensor Applications for Vertical Markets.

Intelligent Visibility Releases the Arista Navigator

2015-05-23 | Intelligent Visibility, Inc. releases the Arista Navigator software toolset for OS X

Freelance Electronics Announced as Fremont Micro Devices Distributor

2015-05-21 | Freelance Electronics Offers Customers Same Day Shipment of Over 200M Components in Stock

Urbanization of Chicago's Old Town Neighborhood Calls for Faster Internet Speeds, Everywhere Wireless Delivers

2015-05-19 | Everywhere Wireless connects its Gigabit+ Network to residential properties along Division Street