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Austin Cosmetic Dentist Offers Same Day Emergency Appointments

2012-05-03 | Dr. Sasi Mannem, Austin, TX dentist, treats patients same day for improved care when an emergency arises.

Bellevue Dentist Reaches Out to Patients Through Facebook and New Blog

2012-05-03 | Dr. Matt Rafie, dentist in Bellevue, is excited to be able to reach out to his patients through a new Facebook page and blog.

Greenwood Village Dentist Increases Interaction With Patients

2012-05-03 | Dr. Lawrence Kuljis, dentist in Greenwood Village, is increasing patient interaction with a newsletter, blog and social media presence

Virginia Beach Dentist Offers Online Patient Education

2012-05-03 | Dr. Randall Furman, dentist in Virginia Beach, is offering his patients online educational resources through his practice's website.

South Charlotte Dentist Makes it Easy for New Patients

2012-05-03 | Dr. Mark Tripp, dentist in South Charlotte, and his associates are offering features on their website to make it extremely easy for new patients looking to join the practice.

North End Dentist Offers Online Patient Education Resources

2012-05-03 | Dr. William Maness, North End Boston dentist, is offering his patients online educational resources as a part of his practice's website

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Oak Brook, IL Offers Downloadable New Patient Forms to Expedite Visits

2012-05-03 | Dr. Alexandria Saulis creates more one-on-one time with new patients for plastic surgery in Naperville through new patient forms available online.

Fairfax Dentist Makes Appointment Scheduling Easier

2012-05-03 | Dr. William Stringham, dentist in Fairfax, is offering his patients an online appointment scheduler as part of his practice's website.

Rockford Dentist Encourages Patients to Leave Reviews of His Practice

2012-05-03 | Dr. James Stovall, dentist in Rockford, is telling his patients to leave online reviews of his practice after they have appointments to help boost his online visibility.

Clinton Township Dentist Offers Patient Testimonials on Website

2012-05-03 | Dr. Sal Aragona, dentist in Clinton Township, is happy to feature patient testimonials and a smile gallery on his practice's dental website.

Scientists Looking at the Very Small to Shed Light on One of The Great Questions of Physics

2012-05-03 | A team of scientists have measured the ability of nuclear systems to absorb and emit light. An effect with direct implications on elemental production rates in astrophysical environments, as found in a supernova, has been confirmed.

Soft & Shield Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizer, a Safe and Healthy Alternative to Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers

2012-05-02 | An alcohol free hand sanitizer that worried mothers can turn to for use for their children

Nails Guide Website Released New Information for Modern Women Consumers

2012-05-02 |, a content hub filled with valuable information for the modern day consumer, released cutting edge information for lady shoppers.

Fort Myers, FL Dentist Receives Continuing Education to Maintain Superior Dental Care

2012-05-02 | Dr. Angela Harney, Fort Myers dentist, remains on the cutting edge of technology and dental advancements through continuing education.

Dearborn Dentist Offers Faster Website Loading Times for Smart Phone and Tablet Users

2012-05-02 | Dr. Bruce Luria, dentist in Dearborn, creates new mobile website for increased web presence for patients on the go.

Dentist in Beverly Hills Improves Patients' Smiles for Over 15 Years

2012-05-02 | Dr. Shervin Louie, Los Angeles family dentist, continues to restore his patients' smiles for more than 15 years, and counting.

Dentist in Warrenton, VA Encourages Patients to Leave Testimonials of Their Experiences

2012-05-02 | Dr. Jeffrey Harris, Warrenton, VA dentist, urges patients to leave and view testimonials via practice website.

Ajax Dentist Creates Social Network for Increased Interaction

2012-05-02 | Dr. Zina Shoaib, dentist in Ajax, invites patients to join her social media channels to interact with other patients, as well as Ajax Dental Centre members.

Montreal Dentist Receives Fellowship From the Academy of General Dentistry

2012-05-02 | Dr. John Petruccelli, dentist in Montreal, is proud to accept this prestigious honor less than 2% of dentists receive.

Atlanta Family Dentist Makes Access to Practice Information Easier for Smartphone Users

2012-05-02 | Dr. Donald Rozema, Atlanta cosmetic dentist, creates mobile website for easy access for patients on the go with their smartphones and tablet devices.