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UtopiaBirdHouses Adds Purple Martin Gourds to Product Line

2008-01-23 | extends its wild bird product line with purple martin gourds. These attractive, durable birdhouses add an element diversity to the retailer's ecologically-minded online store, while providing a stimulus for responsible stewardship of nature.

Hide in plain sight from debt collectors

2008-01-18 | provides a shield for consumers or business against unsecured creditors.

"In Most Mountain Counties, Developers Answer to No One."

2008-01-17 | The Risks of Buying Homes and Land in Western North Carolina. Real estate in Western North Carolina is offered as safe and secure property, but in reality the region's mountain slope acreage is dangerous and financially risky.

Maxi-Aids Releases List of Holiday 2007 Gift Ideas for Independent Living

2007-12-03 | Maxi-Aids, a world-leading supplier of products for independent living, today released its list of Top 10 Holiday 2007 Gift Ideas for those in the various special needs communities. Maxi-Aids provides items to improve the lives of the Blind, Low Vision, Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Senior Citizens.


2007-11-17 | A Professional Assessment of Landslides in Western North Carolina. Landslides in the counties of Western North Carolina are frequent, but not publicized, geologic events.

Homes on Mountain Slopes are Accidents Waiting to Happen

2007-11-10 | Western North Carolina Landslides, an Expensive Reality. So you have fallen in love with our beautiful mountains, and you're ready to buy your Western North Carolina dream home. How do you choose? The answer is: carefully.

Western North Carolina Landslides are Serious Threats to Property Values

2007-11-05 | Western North Carolina Landslide Advisory. On May 21, 2007 three Landslide Advisory/ billboards were posted in Asheville to warn residents and prospective buyers that unstable slopes are common natural perils in Western North Carolina


2007-10-24 | The Hunters Crossing Landslide...It's Still Moving. After the massive 15 county slope failures of September 2004, the North Carolina Geological Survey began a landslide mapping program for the western region of the state.

"Is it Safe to Build Here?" Western North Carolina's Landslide Mapping Program

2007-10-21 | The Financial Risks of Buying Land in Western North Carolina. A California landslide devastated a La Jolla neighborhood in early October 2007...the Peeks Creek landslide in Western North Carolina claimed lives and homes in September 2004.

Embarrassing is what most women say about Flatulence, Incontinence and Feminine Odor Problems

2007-10-17 | A year long market survey about the "hush-hush" worlds of flatulence, incontinence and feminine odor problems, found 88% of women have one or more of these problems in their lives. Flat-D Innovations, Inc., a company specializing in personal odor control products, nationally conducted the study.

Hazardous Land for Sale! Western North Carolina's High Risk Real Estate

2007-10-13 | [i] In September 2004 the western counties of North Carolina were in a state of emergency...the President issued 2 federal disaster declarations and provided $72 million in aid [/i] Offers Extended Validation Certificates Announces Support for Latest SSL Product

2007-10-12 | Your visitors, prospects, and customers are on their guard. These savvy Internet users worry that their personal and financial information might fall into the wrong hands. Turn their concerns into a competitive advantage with the iron-clad protection of a MannsHomes Secure Certificate


2007-10-08 | Aging Well is an exciting new quarterly publication for professionals in the field of aging.


2007-07-23 | Tennessee Ernie Ford Enterprises has agreed to license music recordings and video clips of the classic Ernie Ford television show to ONE SPECIAL DREAM. The online video studio will synchronize music to customers personal media content to produce personalized dvd presentations.

Ten Ways to Raise an Eco-Conscious Child

2007-06-22 | It is never too early to begin teaching a child about conservation and preservation. Even something as simple as brushing teeth has a conservation lesson in it.

Quantum Fitness Unveils New Fitness Circuit for an Active Aging Adults

2007-05-22 | Quantum Fitness introduces the versatile Quantum Quick Circuit. A hydraulic based circuit for active adult adults and seniors.

Comfort Keepers Ontario expansion kicked into high gear as demand for in-home services explodes

2007-03-30 | Comfort Keepers , a franchised business providing a host of non-medical in-home services to a diverse and growing clientele, is kicking its franchise expansion into high gear in response to dramatic growth in consumer and investor demand.

It Makes Perfect Scents! Take the TherabathPRO Scent Survey and be entered to Win 24lbs Free Refill Paraffin Wax!

2007-03-15 | Have a great idea for a new scent of paraffin? We want to hear about it! Complete our survey by April 30th, 2007 for a chance to win 24lbs Free paraffin (a $74.95 value).

Wall Street Shudders, Main Street Freezes and Worries

2007-03-03 | Money Matters for Main Street More than Ever. Main Street investors pay the price as the U.S. stock markets begin to come back to earth reflecting the uncertainty that grips the national and international economy.