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Future Electronics Will Host Team Building Workshop on Improv Comedy

2024-06-17 | Future Electronics will host a team building workshop focusing on the benefits of improv comedy for its employees, starting with the Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Team.

GRE Alpha's Voltage Drop Calculator Celebrates Sixth Anniversary

2024-05-09 | GRE Voltage Drop Calculator Celebrates Third Year Of Maximizing Energy Efficiency for LED Lighting Systems

Marquis Who's Who Honors Sanford L. Moskowitz, Ph.D for Expertise in Innovation, Advanced Materials, the History of Semiconductors, Higher Education and Authorship

2024-04-22 | Sanford L. Moskowitz is lauded for his contributions as Author in high-tech innovation and Educator at Saint John's University and the College of St. Benedict

VideoMost received US patent for ultra performance video codec based on machine learning

2024-04-08 | The new patented method increases video compression factor by about 3 times, not 40%, against the existing modern standards like H.265, VP9 and AV1, with the same video quality.

Marquis Who's Who Honors Christopher D. Manack for Expertise in Engineering and Semiconductor Technology Leadership

2024-03-28 | Christopher D. Manack recognized for entrepreneurial success and for innovations in the semiconductor technology industry

Direct Kinetic Solutions Gets Awarded TACFI Funding by AFWERX to Power up Air Force Missions: Accelerating Innovation in Clean Energy Technology

2024-03-16 | Radioisotopic Power Sources are now one step closer to commercialization. As an alternative source of energy, they combine the persistence and reliability of a power plant with the convenience and mobility of a battery.

Future Electronics Hosted a Market Intelligence Seminar in Dortmund, Germany

2024-02-19 | Future Electronics hosted the first edition of the Market Intelligence Seminar in Dortmund, Germany.

Richard K. Ahrenkiel, PhD Lauded for Excellence in Semiconductor Diagnostics

2024-02-01 | Richard Ahrenkstarting years of experience into his work with Lakewood Semiconductors

Marquis Who's Who Selects Barry Bingruey Wu, PhD, for Expertise in Device Physics and Materials Science

2024-01-24 | Dr. Barry Bingruey Wu is lauded for his work with Keysight Technologies

Guanke Introduces Innovative LED Work Lights for Construction Sites

2024-01-24 | Energy Efficiency: Boasting a remarkable 73% energy savings over traditional 400W PSMH lights, contributing to sustainability efforts. High Lumen Output with Cage Protection: Provides easy operation and safety in demanding environments.

SWIR Vision Systems Announces Acuros GO 6 MP Handheld SWIR Camera

2024-01-22 | Empowering Mobile SWIR Imaging with Cutting-Edge CQD Sensor Technology

Revolutionizing Coastal Conservation: GK Introduces Sea Turtle-Friendly LED Lamps 2024

2024-01-19 | GK-S39: Illuminating Conservation - A Beacon of Hope for Sea Turtles

ICRFQ Emerges As A Leading IC Chips Distributor, Elevating Industry Standards

2024-01-13 | ICRFQ, a leading distributor in the integrated circuits (IC) industry, proudly announces its continued commitment to excellence and innovation.

GK LED new generation industrial grade LED lamp

2024-01-10 | The new generation of compact, energy efficient, high lumen output lights is here!

Forty-four Future Electronics Leaders Complete Queens University Workplace Mental Health Leadership Certificate

2023-12-19 | Forty-four of Future Electronics leaders have completed the Workplace Mental Health Leadership Certificate from Queens University as part of the Company's ongoing workplace wellness program.

Volker J. Sorger, Ph.D. Celebrated as a Semiconductor Industry Leader

2023-12-15 | Volker J. Sorger, Ph.D. is the Rhines Endowed Professor of Semiconductor Photonics at the University of Florida and Director of the Florida Semiconductor Institute

Smart Home Market is to grow by USD 133.01 billion from 2022 to 2027, Growth Driven by Growing consumer interest in home automation - Technavio

2023-12-05 | Future-Proofing Homes: Analyzing the USD 133.01 Billion Growth Trajectory of the Smart Home Market and its Link to Rising Consumer Enthusiasm for Home Automation

Future Electronics' Digital Marketing Team Generously Donates to Local Charity through a Fun-Filled Team Building Event

2023-12-04 | Future Electronics' Digital Marketing team came together for a team-building activity to gather donations for a local charity this holiday season.

Future Electronics Hosts Awards Gala at Advanced Engineering University 2023 in Montreal

2023-11-27 | Future Electronics hosted an awards gala at the 2023 Montreal edition of Advanced Engineering University to celebrate outstanding employee achievements.

Manish Khandelwal, PhD, MBA, has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2023-11-27 | Dr. Manish Khandelwal is recognized for his contributions in developing silicon based precursors for the semiconductor industry as a renowned senior scientist, a prolific inventor and as a leader serving the semiconductor industry.