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$20,000 Charitable Support Grant Given to Chabad La Costa

2022-05-12 | Attorney Gordon Levinson, a Director on the board of the Max and Anna Levinson Foundation, announced the foundation just authorized a $20,000 grant for Chabad La Costa.

World Peace Works Through HWPL's International Peace Youth Group (IPYG)

2022-05-09 | International peace organization HWPL is working together with the IPYG youth group to establish peace in countries all around the world. Their actions hope to establish lasting peace for generations to come.

Bethel AME Church Makes $1 Million Investment in Freedom West 2.0

2022-04-29 | Commitment is initial part of larger $10 million investment pledged to help revitalize Freedom West and empower the surrounding community

StopAntisemitism Voices Supports for IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism

2022-04-26 | The IHRA Definition of antisemitism has been adopted by numerous key organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies and departments.

Groundbreaking Severance Ruling in Landmark Alberta Case by Osuji and Smith Employment Lawyers

2022-04-22 | For the first time in Alberta, a summary trial for wrongful dismissal awarded 2 years of severance pay to a non-management employee.

Nationally, Firearms Sales Are at an All Time High

2022-04-15 | We have the Ammo and Firearms you are searching for in Naples, Florida

Internet Inventor alleges Federal Government has waged a Secrecy and Fraud Campaign For Years to Illegally Take Intellectual Property Seeks Public Trial

2022-04-04 | This woman has been seeking Justice for what may become one of the ugliest cases in American History. She alleges that she is the true inventor of the Internet and the Worldwide Web but the government is violating its own conflict of interest laws.

International NGO HWPL Hosts 6th Annual Celebration of Peace Law

2022-03-25 | The 6th annual celebration was held to commemorate the drafting of HWPL's international peace law which aims to bring global peace for generations to come.

ETMA, Enterprise Technology Management Association Conference Hosts Workshop on Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

2022-03-21 | Workshop brings experts to help Industry leaders shape a future with a more diverse workforce.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus Celebrates its 38th Anniversary on the 14th

2022-03-18 | The Church, which was founded in 1984, celebrated its 38th anniversary with a special worship service and sharing the history of Shincheonji.

Footage Foundation Hosts Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Experts at a Free Webinar For Volunteers and NGOs Working With Displaced People in Ukraine

2022-03-15 | Today, as close to 4 million people, mostly women and children, are displaced and flee from the war in Ukraine, humanitarian organizations are warning that there is real danger of exploitation and trafficking.

$40,000 Charitable Support Grant Given to Ukrainians on the Ground

2022-03-14 | Attorney Levinson believes strongly in giving back to the community (Tzedakah in Hebrew). As a proud resident of Southern California, Levinson lives his life by the principle that we should all try to leave the world a little better than we found it.

Question-and-Answer Revelation Seminar Held by Shincheonji Church of Jesus

2022-03-09 | Shincheonji Chairman Man-hee Lee shared the secret to the rapidly-growing Korean church in an online seminar broadcasted to dozens of countries.

An International NGO Sends Anti-war Statement to 192 Countries to Restore Peace in the Ukraine

2022-03-05 | HWPL, a South Korea-based NGO, issued a statement regarding the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, and is calling for the support of youth worldwide.

An Annual Event to Commemorate Civilian-Led Peace-building in Mindanao Calls Forth Collective Action to Develop Peace

2022-01-31 | On the 24th Jan 2022, over 22,000 social representatives from 51 countries attended the international peace conference. The event commemorated a civilian-led peace agreement made between the Islam and Catholic communities in Mindanao 8 years ago.

Civilian-Led Peacebuilding; Both Catholic and Islamic Communities Call for Global Peace Law On Annual Peace Day

2022-01-30 | Chairman Lee Man-hee spoke on the "Law of Peace in Heaven and on Earth", at the 8th anniversary of the civilian-led peace agreement in Mindanao, Philippines that had been plagued with 40 years of conflict between Catholic and Islam communities.

Peace Organization Proposes International Law to End War for Good

2022-01-28 | HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light) has proposed an international law with 10 articles and 38 clauses intent on solving the problem of conflict, war and its devastating effects.

Annual Event to Commemorate Civilian-Led Peacebuilding in Mindanao Calls Forth Collective Action to Develop Peace

2022-01-28 | Political and religious representatives from all around the world gather to commemorate the establishment of religious and civil peace in Mindanao, Philippines since 2014.