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January 30, 2010

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Cupid in Your Corner Offers Romantic Gift Baskets Just in Time for Valentine's Day

2010-01-30 | The New York based birthday and anniversary gift reminder service is offering gift baskets and flower arrangements just in time for Valentine's Day. They also offer their gifts throughout the year and throughout the United States.

Summerwinds Resort Services LLC Announces Fourth Quarterly Earnings

2010-01-30 | Dispite economic downturn in the media, earnings are stronger than ever.

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Eat. Spill. Be Happy. Organically!

2010-01-30 | Mimi the Sardine's line of adorable, cheerful, bibs, spillmats, lunch bags, placemats, aprons, backpacks and tablecloths, just made the world a little safer.

Author of the Biggest Little Book on the Evolution of Democracy Announces a Petition to Ratify a Constitutional Amendment That Will Increase the People's Authority in the Checks and Balances

2010-01-30 | The Amendment will give the people an ability to challenge legislation created by use of "midnight sessions" behind closed doors that has been abused by federal, state and local government.

Travel Search Site Skyscanner's Poll Reveals Majority of Brits in Favour of Fat Tax

2010-01-30 | In a recent poll by UK travel search site Skyscanner it was revealed that 76% of voters were in favour of introducing an airline "Fat Tax".

Harry Potter Frenzy: Cheap Tickets Engine Skyscanner Reveals Huge Spike in Searches to Orlando

2010-01-30 | With the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter set to open this spring, sees a surge in flight and hotel searches in Orlando.

UFC 109 Betting Odds Hint At Lopsided Fights

2010-01-30 | The official betting odds for UFC 109 are some of the most "favorite heavy" lines seen in the past 6 months. MMA stars like Randy Couture and Nate Marquardt lead the way as the major favorites of the event...

Zorbitz, Inc Sets Goal to Raise $10,000 to Aid in Haiti

2010-01-30 | Zorbitz Inc a gift product company set on changing the world 1 bracelet at a time has set a goal to send $10,000 to help in Haiti.

By McCormack Public Relations and MAK Consulting Team Up to Offer Specialized Writing, Media Relations and Online Marketing Services to Healthcare Organizations

2010-01-30 | By McCormack Public Relations and MAK Consulting have formed an alliance to offer writing, media relations, web site design and search engine optimization services specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare companies.

New 1099 W2 Software with Data Upload Feature Help Business Owners Meet Feb 1, 2010 Deadline

2010-01-30 | Users of the popular W2s and 1099 filing software ezW2 2009 can now upload employee, contractor and tax data from outside programs and spreadsheets. New Data Upload Feature for ezW2 Speeds up Filing Time for W2's and 1099's.

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thinkAlchemy LLC., Steered by Michael Glock Ph.D. Expands Product Offerings by Adding Reputation Management Services for Businesses Negatively Impacted by False & Defamatory Postings Online

2010-01-30 | think Alchemy has developed methods to mitigate defamatory and libelous content on RippOff report, and and

think Alchemy LLC., Develops Integrated Online Methods to Mitigate Defamatory and Libelous Content on RippOff Report, and and

2010-01-30 | Steered by Michael Glock Ph.D., thinkAlchemy LLC., expands Product Offerings By Adding Reputation Management services for businesses negatively impacted by false & defamatory postings online.

Color Copying Company Expands their Social Networking with LinkedIn

2010-01-30 | The company has set up a company profile with LinkedIn, allowing them to network with one of the hugest pools of professionals and businesses on the web.

New Schlitterbahn Water Park To Boost Real Estate Value In Cedar Park

2010-01-30 | Local Realtor Rocky Breon said the planned Schlitterbahn water park will increase property value in Cedar Park.

Las Vegas Air Conditioning Contractor Leads Way to Reducing Energy Costs

2010-01-30 | A top Las Vegas air conditioning contractor wants you to know you can lower your utility bills without sacrificing comfort. Call Las Vegas's Windy City Air Conditioning for a free air conditioning audit.

General Motors' Vice Chairman To Deliver Keynote Address at NAFA's 2010 I&E

2010-01-30 | Robert A. Lutz, Vice Chairman of General Motors joins Mark Fields from the Ford Motor Company as keynote speakers for NAFA's 2010 Institute & Expo in Detroit.

NAFA Opens Submissions For Sustainable Fleet Awards

2010-01-30 | NAFA Fleet Management Association is now accepting submissions for its 2010 Sustainable Fleet Awards awarded to two sedan/light truck fleets and two truck/equipment fleets. Awards will be presented at NAFA's 2010 Institute & Expo in Detroit.

Advantage Rigging LLC Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary!

2010-01-30 | Advantage Rigging LLC has been in business since early 2009 and provides overhead lifting supplies as well as mobile inspection and repair. These include Chain, Chain Slings, Nylon Slings, Poly Slings, Chain Hoists, Lever Hoists, Cranes and more.

5 Steps to Freedom Now Available for the Kindle

2010-01-30 | Financial Experts Jeff Nabers and Phoebe Chongchua, authors of the Book 5 Steps To Freedom, have released the book in Kindle format.

Arrested for a Crime in Las Vegas? Don't Know Where to Turn? You Need the Experience of Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Pat McDonald

2010-01-30 | Patrick E. McDonald, a well-respected criminal attorney in Las Vegas, can answer your questions and put your mind at ease, so you can get on with your life.