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June 18, 2013

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Weight Loss Pros at Healthe Trim Recommend Dates that Don't Involve Overeating

2013-06-18 | Healthe Trim encourages skipping the chocolates and expensive dinners on your next date to keep the pounds off.

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Dental Clinics in Georgia, Lawrenceville Dental Associates, Discuss How Eating Disorders Ruin Teeth

2013-06-18 | Lawrenceville, Georgia dentist warns about the adverse effects of eating disorders on teeth.

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Sunny's Hair & Wigs Shares the Best Ways to Apply Hair Extensions

2013-06-18 | Are you thinking about adding hair extensions to your natural hair? There are several methods to consider.

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Norcross Dental Associates, the Dentists in Norcross, Discuss Cosmetic Teeth Whitening 101

2013-06-18 | A white smile is your greatest accessory, and it's easy to get through a cosmetic teeth whitening procedure with one of Norcross Dental Associates' Norcross dentists.

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Atlanta Natural Health Clinic, Southern Environmental Medicine Center, Moves Locations

2013-06-18 | Atlanta natural health clinic, Southern Environmental Medicine Center, has moved to Roswell Road in Atlanta, Ga.

Emeritus Law Discusses Finding the Right Orlando Immigration Lawyer for Your Case

2013-06-18 | Immigration attorneys in Orlando, Emeritus Law, talk about finding the right legal representation for your case.

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Sofi Insurance Services Helps California Employers Find Affordable Insurance Plans Under the Health Care Reform

2013-06-18 | Sofi Insurance Services assists employers in California to find suitable health insurance plans under the new Health Care Reform.

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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Reports Increase in Male Patients

2013-06-18 | Like many plastic surgeons nationwide, Dr. David N. Sayah is seeing more appointments from male patients wanting cosmetic procedures.

U.S. Company Offering Proprietary Internet-Connection Balloon Launch Systems

2013-06-18 | PFS Aerospace (, a specialist in aerospace inflatables for over two decades, announced today that it had reduced its rates to the most competitive pricing in the market for internet connection microsat launches.

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Ann Patterson Recognized by Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Finance

2013-06-18 | Specialized in commerce and economics, Ms. Patterson lends three decades of expertise to the finance industry

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Sandra L. Kuchmak, RN, BSN, GNC(c) Named a Worldwide Who's Who Professional of the Year for Excellence in Health Care

2013-06-18 | Ms. Kuchmak is a leading long-term care consultant with decades of experience

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Deborah Scerbo Named a VIP Member of Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Home Staging and Redesign

2013-06-18 | Deborah Scerbo understands people's strengths and challenges, and how to move them to the next level in order to help them succeed.

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Provider Energy Focused on Five Telehealth Disciplines

2013-06-18 | Providers value patient care over reimbursements.

Security Clearance Lawyers Announce Revamped Website Launch

2013-06-18 | Group of security clearance lawyers revamps its website, expands staff to better meet needs of those whose clearance is jeopardized.

Urgent and Frequent Urination Caused by Prostatitis Can be Cured by Alternative Herbal Medicine

2013-06-18 | Typical symptoms like urgent and frequent urination of prostatitis can be improved and cured by three months treatment with patented herbal medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which is a newly approved patented medication by SIPO.