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October 16, 2014

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FreeCast Inc Launches Premium Pay Channels for Rabbit TV Plus as HBO GO Announcement Surfaces

2014-10-16 | Rabbit TV has quietly amassed a multitude of premium content in a bid to become the first major a la carte TV provider.

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Tecma Group Mexico Manufacturing Mobile App Now Available

2014-10-16 | Make quality Mexico manufacturing content available immediately by downloading the Tecma Group mobile app to your smartphone.

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SparcIt Announced the Release of IgniteIT: Its New Engine for Psychometric Creativity Assessment

2014-10-16 | IgniteIt uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and semantic networks from Computational Linguistic to provide affordable and accurate semantic creativity assessment to all.

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Personal Depository Services (PDS Inc.)

2014-10-16 | Protect yourself and your family future for pennies a day...

Enter the World Within Your Shadow

2014-10-16 | A heady cocktail of psychology, mythology, and fantasy.

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China Money Remittance and Payments Market Outlook to 2018 - Driven by Rising Migration and Effective Government Policies

2014-10-16 | Rising migration and effective government policies to spur growth in China money transfer market: Ken Research.

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14 AMResorts Collection Properties Recognized with Five Star Diamond Awards

2014-10-16 | AAHS globally distinguishes luxury resorts with coveted ranking during special ceremony.

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TraDigital Marketing Featured by Jim Lake of Michael Walters Advertising (MWA) at the Annual Convention of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC)

2014-10-16 | Insurance is complicated, but everyone knows it's important. If there is a positive interaction via social media, it will lead to more conversions.

EV-68, Ebola, STAPH Outbreaks Causing Increased Concern Among Parents - New Technology Can Help

2014-10-16 | GermLogic Provides schools and medical facilities with a New Defense for eliminating microbes, including STAPH & EV-68; with a new high-intensity UV Light technology to sanitize risk-prone areas.

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Ferman Nissan of Tampa Takes a Closer Look at the 2014 Nissan Juke

2014-10-16 | The 2014 Nissan Juke continues to deliver fun while adding a few new features and editions.

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George Zarev Named a VIP Member of the Year by Worldwide Branding

2014-10-16 | Recognized for 33 years of contributions to the field of engineering, Mr. Zarev attributes his success to his passionate nature.

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The Japanese Company KEEP has Developed New Nano-technology That Prolongs the Life of the Mobile Lithium Battery by 250 Percent

2014-10-16 | The KEEP company developed a new nano technology which benefits life-span of mobile lithium batteries and increases efficiency of solar panels.

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IBMS Global Releases Detailed Pricing Software for Microsoft Project

2014-10-16 | Groundbreaking enhancement to the world's number one selling project planning tool - Microsoft Project.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces Zeta Design-India as Registered Design Consultant

2014-10-16 | Zeta Design has delivered lighting system design for three years. They have a strong product development background and capability to provide a wide range of solutions for LED lighting applications

Outline 3.0 - Huge Update of Popular Digital Notebook for iPad and Mac

2014-10-16 | Outline - popular digital notebook for iPad and Mac - got the major update today.

CanadaQBank Now Offers Videos for Canadian Medical Students Ready to Pass Exams

2014-10-16 | That CanadaQBank is now offering a range of video clips for their students around the world who feel that they may be ready to pass their medical exams.

A.R. Discovery International Consultants Host Debate in New York to Discuss Outsourcing

2014-10-16 | New York's leading sales and marketing firm A.R. Discovery International Consultants get ready to host an invaluable debate on outsourcing, and promotes itself as one of the state's most efficient outsourcing solutions for American businesses.

Apollo Enterprise Inc.: Could You Be the Biggest Barrier for Your Business?

2014-10-16 | Business owners face many barriers whilst trying to obtain success. However, Apollo Enterprise Inc. believe the most common barriers faced by business owners are mental ones, and offer advice on how to re-train the brain in order to succeed.