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October 29, 2014

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FMA Summits: 19th Progressive Energy Summit Was Best Yet

2014-10-29 | "Our November summits will be the sustainability events of 2014," says President and Founder Joe Piazza.

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Forum Highlights Technology Tested on International Space Station for Deep Space Exploration

2014-10-29 | To highlight microgravity technologies, a panel of experts gathered recently for the Destination Station: International Space Station Technology Forum at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

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Did Noah's Flood Destroy Atlantis and Damage the Pyramids? Author and Researcher Dennis Brooks' New Book, "Atlantis Pyramids Floods," Answers Many Questions Regarding the Two Legends

2014-10-29 | What caused the flooding? Which areas were flooded? Where did the flood waters come from? How was Atlantis destroyed? Where was Atlantis located?

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The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Signs Exclusive License Agreement with Naxos

2014-10-29 | Through Naxos, the KSO's performances will reach audiences around the world.

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Frogglez Goggles Nominated for Lifetime Achievement Award from WEGO Health

2014-10-29 | The captivating Frogglez Goggles segment on the Forbes Living Show is nominated by the WEGO Health Community for children's health and safety.

GAME ON! Linden Lab Approves STUDIO 777 as an Official Skill Gaming Operator in Second Life

2014-10-29 | STUDIO 777 creates unprecedented partnership, adds land, joins Pi Games Tournament System.

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Measurement Technology NW Equipment Installed at the Apparel Innovation Centre in Canada

2014-10-29 | Olds College in Calgary, Alberta installed a "Newton" sweating thermal manikin with ManikinPC physiological model software, a customized walk-in climate chamber, and a sweating guarded hotplate system to test products and prototypes.

An Enormous Three Day Auction of Antique Advertising, Country Store, and Coin Op Beginning on October 31st

2014-10-29 | Rich Penn Auctions is excited to offer the entire collection of Mr. Mark Wilson on

800.4.AUTISM Helpline Announces Expanded Resources and Referrals for Services Throughout New Jersey

2014-10-29 | In response to the growing need of families across New Jersey for reliable information regarding autism diagnosis and treatment, Autism New Jersey announced today that it has expanded the services offered through its 800.4.AUTISM Helpline.

Killing The Deadly Enterovirus On Surfaces: ProKure Safely Kills Dangerous Pathogens in Seconds

2014-10-29 | Reducing the threat of infectious diseases in schools, ProKure V is a powerful disinfectant recommended by the CDC, to use on viruses such as common cold and flu, and even EV-D68 and Ebola.

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Business & Finance Software Has Been Added on Just Now!

2014-10-29 | It is so exciting to state that, a software comparison & software review website, has added business & finance software just now!

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Apollo Enterprise Inc: 7 Mistakes to Avoid as a New Leader

2014-10-29 | Outsourced sales and marketing firm Apollo Enterprise Inc claims that it is not uncommon for new leaders to make mistakes. However, the firm express that some can easily be avoided.

GEM Pty Due to Open Perth Office

2014-10-29 | Global Event & Marketing PTY (GEM Pty), the direct marketing company representing a wide variety of successful Australian household brands, has announced the opening of a Perth office following their success in Sydney, NSW.

Marriage of Social Media & HR Cloud Software

2014-10-29 | Innovative solutions in Vacation Tracking Software.

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How ISO 9001:2008 Certification Relates to a Supplier's Quality Management Systems

2014-10-29 | ISO 9001:2008 is the latest update of ISO 9000, a series of standards developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Rolling Enrollment at Delphi Academy of Boston Leaves Available Spaces for New Students

2014-10-29 | Though the 2014-2015 school year is well under way, there are still opportunities to transfer to the Delphi Academy of Boston. Rolling enrollment means that space is the only limitation for new students interested in a change.

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For Your Aging Parents, Grandparents and Loved Ones - A Gift of Health

2014-10-29 | The Healthy Aging Company introduces HealthyAging Gift Boxes. The Gift Boxes are filled with fun and engaging items and activities that help reduce the deterioration in mental and physical abilities of our aging loved ones.

Seattle Automotive Tuning Shop, Level1tec, Offers Porsche 991 Tuning Box

2014-10-29 | Seattle tuning shop, Level1tec, which is able to offer a Porsche 991 tuning box for Porsche owners.