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January 07, 2015

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Peter J. Staver Honored for Excellence in Elder Law and Business Law

2015-01-07 | Mr. Staver focuses on elder law, estate planning and business law

Christopher Wyllie Recognized for Mastery of the Brain, Mental Heath and High Performance

2015-01-07 | Having gone from the hospital bed to radiant health, Chris has been obsessed with finding technologies, techniques and strategies to convert extreme stress, anxiety, panic and self-sabotaging thinking and behaviours into fuel for high performance

Cooking Bootcamp: 30-Day Paleo Challenge in San Mateo, CA

2015-01-07 | Busy Professionals & Busy Moms Get Paleo Diet Cooking Lessons, Meal Plans and Meals for 4 Weeks to Assure Successful Weight Loss, Improved Health and Permanent Habits for Well-being.

A.R Discovery Offer Best Task Management Apps for 2015

2015-01-07 | Be sure to start the New Year organized by utilising one of these task management apps, reviewed by A.R Discovery.

CJ Acquisitions Review why Complaints and Criticism are Important in Business

2015-01-07 | CJ Acquisitions aims to put a stop to complaints and criticism being viewed as negative in business. The firm reviews why these are fundamental to success and how to turn them into positive advice.

Emie Marketing: Don't Sabotage the Customer Experience by Talking Jargon

2015-01-07 | Every industry has a specialized language, but it's fundamental to leave the business jargon at the office as the customers won't appreciate it. Emie Marketing offer their top three tips to creating a positive and memorable customer experience.

GEM Pty's 6 Consumer Trends that will Make or Break your Business in 2015

2015-01-07 | Based on the data collected this year, GEM Pty release their consumer trend predictions for the New Year that they believe will help make or break businesses.

Outsource Australia Reveal Secrets to Small Business Success

2015-01-07 | Despite a more favorable economy, there are still many challenges facing new businesses. To help small businesses have a prosperous New Year, Outsource Australia has shared their secrets to building a successful small business.

Winmor Reveal Top 4 Industry Secrets to Slash Acquisition Costs

2015-01-07 | Direct marketing specialists Winmor release their top four tips for start-ups looking to reduce their customer acquisition costs without compromising on quality.

Yorkston Oakmont Reveals Secret Behind their Customer Service Training

2015-01-07 | 2015 is set to be the year of the customer service revolution, as consumers grow tired of poor and automated processes. Yorkston Oakmont also believes 2015 will be a big year and have revealed the secrets behind their own customer service training.

Zengo & Co : Bad Customer Service Destroys Customer Loyalty

2015-01-07 | In an age when customer service is becoming ever more digital and impersonal, sales and marketing firm and customer service specialists Zengo & Co review the impact bad customer service can have on a business's future.

Business Cash Advance Provider, Merchant Access Group, Offers No Hidden Costs

2015-01-07 | Business cash advance provider, Merchant Access Group (MAG), offers no hidden costs with their cash advance options.

Mt. Moriah Ministries Launches Website for Glenmont, New York

2015-01-07 | New web resource for education and awareness in New York.

Send Me On Vacation To Hold Women's Workshop At Grand Mayan Resort, Riviera Maya

2015-01-07 | Send Me On Vacation (SMOV), a charity providing vacations for breast cancer survivors, will hold a first-of-its-kind women's empowerment workshop, Feb. 2 - 6, 2014, at the Grand Mayan Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Radiant Logic, Leading Identity and Context Server Vendor, Saw Solid Growth in 2014 Earning Increase Enables Employee Growth and International Expansion

2015-01-07 | In 2015, Radiant Logic will work to assist Fortune 1000 companies and large government organizations with identity and security infrastructures, while simultaneously leveraging and deploying new technologies.

The NDCA Sanctioned Competition at the Beautiful Palm Beach Gardens Marriot

2015-01-07 | 5th Annual Competition and Showcase (

Nikki Ivey Announces Book "Four-Legged Ferrari" for Owners and Rescuers of Stigmatized Dogs

2015-01-07 | Author and professional trainer, Nikki Ivey, aims to assist those owners and rescues understand what it takes to help high arousal dogs live better lives through seminars, volunteer and owner training.

Classic Hostess Debuts Teamson Kids Furniture Collections, And Personalized Fantasy Fields Room Collection for Children Room and Nursery

2015-01-07 | Ensuring stimulation, Teamson Design created wooden toys, and handpainted furniture for kids. Fantasy Fields Collections spur children's imagination. See Personalized Toy chests, Dollhouses, and more at Classic Hostess

Hollywood Casting and Film Provides Free Casting Space for Filmmakers

2015-01-07 | Los Angeles Studio Helps Filmmakers and Actors Achieve Success in Competitive Hollywood Market

Tilted Kilt Ranks Among Cheers' Top 10 Concepts of the Past 25 Years

2015-01-07 | National Beverage Retailer Magazine Names the Celtic Pub a Key Player