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New Harley Street TV Drama Launches as Harley Medical Group Booms

2008-07-19 | The Harley Medical Group reports business is booming as ITV launches a major new six-part medical drama - Harley Street

Foot Care Expert Says People 45+ May Forego Health Benefits of Swimming in Summer Because of Unattractive Feet

2008-07-17 | Xenna CEO Carol J. Buck says, "Summer is an excellent time for men and women of all ages to take advantage of the many health benefits of swimming. Unfortunately, many are embarrassed by the appearance of their dry heels or discolored toenails, causing them to avoid activities such as swimming."

Research Shows Females Require Less Calories Than Males

2008-07-16 | Research from the National Academy of Sciences shows that when identical variables are used to compare estimated calorie requirements for males and females (i.e. age, height, weight, etc.), females need less calories to maintain the same weight as a male.


2008-07-16 | More men than ever are interested in looking their best, and are looking to plastic surgeons and dermatologists to help them do just that. Can you help them? Probably. Can they find you? Maybe. If maybe isn't good enough, California plastic surgery copywriter Mike Roe wants to help you help them.

Estee Lauder offer free Gift Time SMS Text alert service

2008-07-12 | New to Estee Lauder online, customers can now sign up to receive a free SMS text message alert 2 days before Gift Time begins at their chosen store

Harley Medical Group booked out for what was dubbed - beauty jab week

2008-07-10 | The Harley Medical Group report increased bookings prior to the WAG wedding of the year in June of Coleen McLoughlin and Wayne Rooney

A Simple Diet to Help People Struggling with Anorexia and Bulimia

2008-07-07 | A new diet enables people to maintain their ideal weight to a specific pound indefinitely as long as one tracks calorie consumption.

Harley Medical Group reports cosmetic surgery market defies credit crunch

2008-06-29 | Harley Medical Group reports abdomnoplasty boom amongst women despite the credit crunch

Debenhams survey awards Kelly Brook the title of - Best Bikini Body Ever

2008-06-07 | In a recent survey conducted by Debenhams department stores to find the best bikini body ever, Kelly Brook topped the list, beating an array of international stars

Pure Power Mouthguards Increase Strength and Performance. Dr Ira Shapira and Dr Mark Amidei provide High-Tech Mouthguards to Chicago and North Suburbs in their Gurnee office. Exciting New Rutgers Study Released!

2008-06-02 | Mouthguards that harness the power of Neuromuscular Dentistry improve sports performance. Professional athletes seek the edge that neuromuscular orthotics give them. Weekend warriors are now seeking out the same advantage that the pros want.

Boots No7 for Men launches fake tan to help men banish pale and pasty bodywork

2008-06-01 | The Boots brand No7 for Men has introduced two fake tanning products to its range as more men admit to using fake tan

Isis Cosmetic announces it's completed expansion into the greater Jacksonville and St. Augustine area introducing gentler alternatives to liposuction - sculpting your body for summer.

2008-05-30 | Isis Cosmetic of Jacksonville is now offering patients a gentler alternative to liposuction through the use of advanced technology that focuses sound waves and light energy to permanently remove unwanted fat and trouble spots from the body with little or no downtime.

Principles announce the launch of its latest Nouveau collection

2008-05-17 | Principles announce the launch of its new premium range Nouveau collection

Sound waves making waves in plastic surgery - liposuction technology turns high tech.

2008-05-16 | Isis Cosmetic of Orlando unveils it's use of VASER LipoSelection technology in the Orlando FL area. This technology uses focused sound energy to gently remove fat tissue from the body offering patients a gentler alternative to the traditional form of liposuction.

Laser Hair Removal: Raleigh Laser Center Provides Painless Laser Hair Removal

2008-05-14 | Laser Hair Removal: Raleigh Laser Center Provides Painless Laser Hair Removal. Michael Law MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery introduces a new device for virtually pain free laser hair removal. wins yet more exclusive beauty launches

2008-05-11 | is cementing its position as the leading online beauty retailer with two more exclusive beauty launches

Mother's Day Spa Specials in Raleigh, NC from Blue Water Spa

2008-05-03 | Mother's Day Spa Specials in Raleigh, NC from Blue Water Spa. Complimentary luxury robe with facial and massage. Gift Certificates available online instantly.

Accomplix Review - Best Buy Supplements Releases Their Annual Review of Weight Loss Supplements

2008-05-03 | Best Buy Supplements releases their 2008 review of Accomplix and other weight loss supplements. The review includes ratings for categories including thermogenic effect, ingredient quality, appetite suppression and weight loss potential.

Harley Medical Group report record number of mums turning to cosmetic surgery

2008-05-02 | The Harley Medical Group report record numbers of mums are turning to post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery to get their figures back

Boots reports impressive pre-orders of eagerly awaited new anti-ageing cream

2008-05-01 | has set up a waiting list online for the new Olay Regenerist Daily 3-Point Treatment Cream, and already over one thousand women have signed up