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Understanding The DePuy Hip Recall

2010-10-07 | DePuy Orthopedics recalled two of its metal-on-metal hip replacement systems in August 2010 due to high failure rates. If you received a DePuy hip replacement, it's important to understand what the recall means to you.

Seeger Salvas Warns DePuy Hip Replacement Recall Victims that Recorded Phone Calls Could be Used Against Them

2010-10-06 | DePuy is blaming innocent victims of its defective hip implants for causing their own injuries and it may be recording conversations with patients to use against them.

Alzheimer's Association of Orange County Presents Memory Walks in Fullerton and Huntington Beach

2010-10-06 | The Alzheimer's Association of Orange County will present its 2010 Memory Walks with a walk at Cal State University Fullerton on Saturday, October 23 and in Huntington Beach on the boardwalk at Beach Blvd and PCH on Saturday, November 6.

Adjustable Beds Leader Innovates with New Website Launch

2010-10-02 | Getting a perfect night's rest has never been easier.

Macular Degeneration

2010-10-02 | One of the leading causes of blindness for people 55 years and older is a condition called macular degeneration.

Nursing Home Wrongful Death Questions

2010-10-02 | Between one and two million Americans age 65 or older have been injured, exploited, or otherwise mistreated by someone on whom they depended for care or protection.

When You Need The Tenacity and Trial Skills Of A Fearless Advocate, Contact New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Walter G. Alton Jr.

2010-09-26 | Mr. Alton's well-established reputation in personal injury and medical malpractice litigation makes him extremely effective in terms of dealing with judges, his adversaries and insurance company representatives.

Link Between Cataracts and Antidepressants Found

2010-09-22 | Study shows that people 65 and older are at higher risk of cataracts if taking SSRIs and SNRIs.

Best Rug Pads Lowers Prices of Durahold Plus, Best Felt and Rubber Rug Pad

2010-09-21 | After successfully negotiating a lower purchasing price for Durahold Plus rug pad, Best Rug Pads is passing these savings on to the customer with lower prices on all Durahold felt and rubber rug pads.

DePuy Hip Recall Could Immediately Affect 11,000 Patients

2010-09-16 | A study completed in the United Kingdom showed a large number of DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Systems experienced failure within the first five years of operation, and was the basis for the DePuy hip recall.

DePuy Hip Lawsuit - Lawyers File Patient's DePuy Hip Lawsuits Nationwide

2010-09-16 | DePuy hip lawsuits are being filed on behalf of patients nationwide that are affected by the DePuy hip recall.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers File Patients' DePuy Hip Lawsuits Nationwide

2010-09-15 | Depuy hip recall lawyers file DePuy hip lawsuits on behalf of patients nationwide affected by the DePuy hip recall.

DePuy Hip Recall Patient Information Video Provides Patients Affected by the Depuy Hip Recall with Complete Information on the DePuy ASR Recall

2010-09-10 | The DePuy Hip Recall Patient Video is for patients to review to see if they are affected and to determine if they qualify for compensation claims.

The Step & See Will Help Hundreds of Thousands Avoid Injury or Worse

2010-09-02 | The Step & See is a unique device that helps those who use a walker, allowing them to move around in the dark without getting hurt or potentially sustaining a fatal injury.

DePuy ASR Hip Recall Announced Long After Reports of High Revision Rates and Metal Ion Release in Patients; Depuy ASR Hip Lawyers Offer Free Claim Evaluations for Patients Nationwide

2010-08-29 | The DePuy ASR hip recall is a hip recall that hip replacement patients should review to see if they are affected and to determine if they qualify to file hip replacement lawsuits and medical monitoring.

New KLAS Report Examines Getting Your Money's Worth with Acute Care EMR Systems

2010-08-26 | Healthcare providers share recent EMR purchase experiences, the value received from the purchase and how well vendor solutions meet their needs.

Integration and Functionality Drive RIS Decisions

2010-08-24 | New KLAS report explores the pros and cons and new energy of acute care, community and ambulatory RIS systems.

Rias Employees Hit the Fashion Runway for Macmillam

2010-08-12 | RIAS employees taking to the catwalk for Macmillan Cancer Support; free event at Castlepoint Shopping Centre on Saturday, 14 August.

Switching ERP Vendors May Not Be the Answer

2010-08-11 | All ERP products fall short of the KLAS health care technology average.

Signs of Elder Neglect

2010-08-05 | If you have a loved one currently residing in a nursing home, you need to be familiar with signs of elder neglect so that you can make sure they are getting the care they deserve.