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Sinofresh Healthcare Products, Inc. Launches Radio Advertising Campaign to Promote Sales of Sinofresh Nasal Spray on the West Coast of Florida

2009-10-17 | SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc., announced today that the Company has begun its Florida West Coast initial radio advertising campaign to support the relaunch of its SinoFresh Homeopathic Nasal Spray.

USPTO and WIPO Publish NimbuDerm, Patent Applications -- Important Milestones in Advancing Quick-Med's Global Intellectual Property

2009-10-15 | Quick-Med, a pioneer in advanced antimicrobial technologies for medical and consumer applications, announced today that USPTO and the World Intellectual Property Organization have published Company patent applications covering Disinfectant Alcohol-Soluble Quaternary Ammonium Polymers.

Global Vision Technologies Selected As Patient Registry Software Provider - PDT Research At Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (OSUCCC-James)

2009-10-14 | With ClinicalPURSUIT, GVT delivers a powerful, cost-effective patient registry software tool that will help Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center -James work with real-time, accurate information on their patients daily.

International Provider of IT Solutions Helps Companies Plan and Respond to H1N1 and Influenza Season

2009-10-07 | Logicalis responds to the influenza season and the CDC's recommendations for business safety by offering IT solutions.

BioScience Laboratories Announces Clinical Studies Capabilities for H1N1 Influenza

2009-10-01 | BioScience Laboratories has received approval from the Gallatin Institutional Review Board to test antiviral efficacy against H1N1 influenza A/Brisbane/59/2007, IVR-148 using healthy human subjects.

Those Without Health Insurance Vulnerable to Swine Flu

2009-09-24 | People who are uninsured are more susceptible to the swine flu, and other illnesses, says the article, 'Swine Flu More Likely To Affect People Without Health Insurance.'

SinoFresh Nasal Spray To Be Evaluated In Initial H1N1 Animal Pilot Study To Assess Ability To Kill Or Reduce Virus Levels

2009-09-21 | SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc., has commissioned a study to evaluate the ability of SinoFresh Homeopathic Antiseptic Nasal Spray to significantly inhibit H1N1 Virus infection in live animal test subjects.

Axion Health Inc. Issues Notification of Business Name Change

2009-09-16 | Occupational HealthLink Changes Name; Introduces ReadySet for Workforce Emergency Preparedness and Response

Head Lice Removal Service Now Available in Charlotte NC

2009-09-14 | Well established in large metro areas, a service providing head lice removal and relief to frustrated parents is now available in the Central Piedmont. Nit Nabbers, LLC is the first company to provide professional head lice help in this region.

Jason's Deli Teams with the Master Gardener's Hour

2009-08-21 | Jason's Deli the eleven locations in Atlanta have teamed with the Radio Sandy Springs and America's Web Radio to bring you the Master Gardener's Hour each Saturday from 11:00 to 12:00 Noon with Kate Copsey and Debbie Brocker.

Key to Protecting Yourself during a Flu Pandemic

2009-08-20 | By the end of a pandemic, about 30% of the world's population will have been affected. Though most people don't believe they or their families are likely to be affected, the probability for contracting the flu is high.

Cystex "Know Your Bladder Better" Video Explains the Sex and UTI Connection

2009-08-17 | Elizabeth Kavaler, M.D., Board-Certified Urologist, Discusses Honeymoon Cystitis in New Online Video

SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc., Names Dr. Michael Stampar D.O. and Dr. Cathy Criss D.O. as Senior Medical Advisors to Management

2009-08-12 | SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc. today named Dr. Michael Stampar, D.O. and Dr. Cathy Criss, D.O. to their corporate team as Senior Medical Advisors.

20 percent of Americans and Australians Subject To Medical, Medication, or Laboratory Errors - Commonwealth Study

2009-08-11 | Evidence of patient safety risks and their impact on patients continues to emerge, both in hospitals and community settings.

Insights with host Hugh Downs Launches new series on Environmental Health

2009-08-05 | Environmental Health as part of the Insights series

The Ultimate Source for Swine Flu Information Available Free with Sickpiggy iPhone Application

2009-07-27 | Inverselogic, a leading software development and technology integration firm, has developed its first Freeware SickPiggy iPhone

A.C.T. Crime Scene Cleanup Takes Its Services Nationwide

2009-07-08 | Now once of the most extensive networks of crime scene cleanup services

PhageVax Inc Creates (Proposed) Effective Single-dose Vaccine for Novel H1N1 Virus - Commonly Known as the Swine Flu & Now Reported in more than 70 Countries Worldwide

2009-07-04 | A US based company has developed a new vaccine production method to combat infectious diseases now seen on a global scale - including the novel H1N1 virus and no-less deadly H5N1 avian flu - in a fraction of the time used by conventional methods.

Reporting Initiatives, CMS Changes Driving Rapid Growth for Infection Control Software

2009-06-23 | Healthcare providers rate Cardinal Health MedMined as the top infection control product

Accident Claims - Crush Injury at Heathrow Airport

2009-06-20 | An airport worker whose finger was trapped in the door of a plane has received GBP7,200 compensation.