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H1 N.......what?!!? America's Mexican "Influenza", a tale of two Pandemics, says Researcher Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD

2009-05-21 | We are told to wash or hands, to cover coughs and sneezes, to stay home if we feel sick. Yet to this point only a fraction of purported "flu" cases have been proven to be linked to Influenza, reminds previous Journal of Infectious Diseases lead investigator Lawrence Broxmeyer MD

IBD Patient Launches iPhone Application to Help Doctors Treat Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis

2009-05-19 | Developed by a Crohn's patient with help from GI specialists, GI Monitor, an iPhone App launched by WellApps, Inc., allows patients with (IBD) Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis track their symptoms and deliver accurate data to their doctors.

Texas Businesses Combating Outbreak of H1N1 (Swine Influenza)

2009-05-08 | Due to a high number of correspondences over these health issues, [Green Efficient], the only US LEED-based building maintenance company, widened their services to help the CDC and health official combat the problem.

What You Should Do and Know About the Flu

2009-05-08 | With all the publicity about so-called "swine" flu, one of the best things anyone can do is be armed with the facts.

Tamiflu Approved For Use Against Swine Flu, But Timing Is A Critical Factor In The Drug's Effectiveness, Cautions DoctorSolve

2009-05-06 | If taken too late, Tamiflu does little to arrest H1N1 bug and stop spread of virus.

US Swine Outbreak is an "Influenza"? Not so fast, says Lawrence Broxmeyer MD

2009-05-05 | Medical researcher/physician Lawrence Broxmeyer MD, lead investigator in a Journal of Infectious Diseases study, has a message for the officials and scientists of WHO and the CDC: There is more to flu-like illness than either "Influenza" or "H1N1".

New Technology Responds in Fight Against Swine Flu

2009-05-04 | Electrostatic spraying technology provides a superior tool in the fight against Swine Flu. "It's not just what you spray, but how you spray a disinfectant that matters most," says Bruce Whiting of Electrostatic Spraying Systems, Inc. (ESS).

Colorado Doctors Group Ready to Help With Flu Epidemic

2009-05-04 | ExtraMD, a group of local physicians in Denver, Colorado, is ready to step in and help practices that need extra physicians to see potential "swine flu" patients.

Sainsbury's Travel Insurance Will Consider Claims For Cancelled Holidays To Mexico

2009-05-02 | Sainsbury's Travel Insurance offers comprehensive cover at competitive premiums, Sainsbury's robust Travel Insurance online and telephone based medical screening process ensures travellers are charged competitive premiums

BioScience Laboratories Approved to Test Swine Influenza

2009-05-02 | BioScience Laboratories received formal approval from the USDA to acquire, house and work with Swine Influenza VR 333 on April 29, 2009.

Maintain a Strong Immune System: Conquer the Fear of a Pandemic

2009-05-01 | Research shows that fear can actually lower our immune system response. With the threat of a global pandemic, fear may be our worst enemy. Learn how to conquer fears and maintain wellness.

Masks Neutralize Pandemic Viruses & Bacteria

2009-04-30 | Redbird Armor announces two new NIOSH approved N95 disposable respirators to be used by the workforce and the general public in the event of a medical health emergency such as pandemic influenza.

If One Flea Bite Drives You Crazy... What Are Hundreds of Flea Bites Doing to Your Pets?

2009-03-28 | Don't let flea bites make your pets and your family's lives miserable. You can learn how to get rid of fleas from your dogs and cats and out of your home. Find out how with the e-book : "How to Protect Your Pets From Fleas," from

Miles For Hope To Break Guinness World Record For Brain Tumor Awareness

2009-03-06 | Miles for Hope, a non-profit organization, dedicated to finding a cure for brain cancer, has partnered with the Dunedin Blue Jays and AirTran Airways to bring you a Guinness World Record Breaking event "Together In Hope" candlelight vigil. All proceeds benefit brain cancer research.

Survey by BioScience Laboratories Finds 68% of Subject Pool Pre-qualified for Upcoming Phase I Clinical Trials

2009-02-25 | The results of a recent survey by BioScience Laboratories to prepare its subject base for upcoming Phase I clinical trials, indicated that 68% of its active subjects pre-qualify for Phase I clinical trials.

ACT: A Crime Scene Cleanup Expands Service to Small Communities in Need, Law Enforcement Agencies, Hotels, and Funeral Homes

2009-02-25 | Crime scene cleanup company providing nationwide service for law enforcement, hotels, motels, families in need and funeral homes when called upon in an effort to help bring down costs by having more immediate response available.

Food Safety: New England Produce Company Voluntarily Recalls Peanut Snacks; Credits Edible Food Accounting Software for Tracing Bad Peanuts, Helping Protect Consumers

2009-02-22 | A produce company that voluntarily recalled food made from peanuts processed in the Georgia facility at the center of a nationwide outbreak of salmonella-related illness, attributed food accounting software operating on the produce company's computers for helping trace customers who bought the food.

Occupational HealthLink, Inc. Names Thomas Pianko, Executive Vice President of Business Development

2009-02-17 | Industry Veteran to Lead Business Development and Marketing

BioScience Laboratories Approved to Test MRSA on Human Volunteers

2009-02-12 | BioScience Laboratories can now test a product's efficacy when challenged with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on human skin.

Electrostatic Spraying Systems wins EMS EXPO 2008 Top Innovation Award

2008-12-10 | Electrostatic Spraying Systems, Inc. (ESS), the world leader in electrostatic spraying technology, recently won the EMS EXPO 2008 Top Innovation Award for its breakthrough electrostatic disinfecting sprayer, the SC-1.