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S.L.E. Lupus Foundation Gala Celebrates Families United for a Cure

2008-11-27 | New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, South Pacific Star Kelli O'Hara, and CBS broadcaster Charles Osgood pay tribute to the Paradysz and Selkowitz families at the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation's "Life Without Lupus" Gala on November 20, 2008.

Hook the Cure Fishing Tournament Nets $450,000 for Cystic Fibrosis Patient Care and Research

2008-10-31 | The third annual Redbone Tournament Series event, presented by BJ's Restaurants and IOTEC brought U.S. anglers to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for fun in the sun and exciting fishing, challenging golf and world-class spa.

Kayla R. Stover, Pharm. D. Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-25 | With a specialization in infectious disease, Dr. Stover recommends antibiotics for patients based on the nature of their illnesses.

BioScience Laboratories Tests Product Efficacy Against Clostridium Difficile Spores on Human Hands

2008-10-18 | BioScience Laboratories is one of the only facilities with the capability of testing a product's efficacy when challenged with Clostridium difficile spores in vitro and now on human skin.

Joanne A. Maniscalco, MPH, MPA, Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-12 | With an impressive background of 30 years in the healthcare industry, Ms. Maniscalco has dedicated her life to serving the healthcare needs of the community through disease prevention and control.

Ozone Presents the Foremost Solution to Combating The Risk of Cryptosporidium Outbreaks

2008-08-21 | Ozone systems, such as those manufactured by California-based DEL Ozone Inc., are the most effective method for eliminating recreational water illness (RWI) and keeping the dangerous Cryptosporidium parasite out of the water.

Medical Negligence and Drug-Resistant Staph

2008-07-17 | Drug-resistant staph is one example of how medical negligence has contributed to the injury or illness of countless individuals.

EUROMED PUTS SILVER ON THE FRONTLINE OF WOUND CARE Introducing SureSkin III Silver Hydrocolloid Dressing

2008-07-16 | EuroMed Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of wound care management products, has added a new product to its SureSkin line of hydrocolloid dressings, and in doing so, has launched a new offensive against chronic and acute wounds.

BioScience Laboratories Offers Complete Clinical Virology Study Services

2008-07-09 | BioScience Laboratories offers its clients a start-to-finish solution for clinical virology studies that includes product design consulting, regulatory compliance assessments, clinical study management, laboratory testing and statistical analysis of test results.

New Book, "The Lyme Disease Survival Guide," Provides Sufferers With Physical, Emotional and Lifestyle Strategies for Healing

2008-05-17 | A new book, The Lyme Disease Survival Guide, provides a single, comprehensive resource that describes conventional and alternative treatments, plus real-world, practical solutions for dealing with the lifestyle and emotional difficulties of this now-epidemic disease.

Rhode Island Software Company Named Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

2008-04-14 | Jamestown, RI woman-owned software company recognized with Microsoft Gold Certification.

LiSAVIOR enters Bill and Melinda Grand Challengens for Cure HIV

2008-04-05 | LiSAVIOR is a new approach to cure HIV. LiSAVIOR stays in the gastrointestinal tract and defeats HIV. Clinical studies will be conducted with the help of Bill and Melinda Gates Gates.

INJECT-SAFE BANDAGES ANSWERS CALL FOR SAFETY MEASURES Offers enhanced safety for patients and healthcare workers

2008-04-02 | Health care providers and patients need enhanced protection from blood borne pathogens before during and after any procedure involving the use of injections.

Chef Joshua Humphrey of Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center Shares Recipe for Warding Off Colds and the Flu as Winter Approaches

2007-12-09 | It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's also the most common time to catch that nagging cold and flu floating around the office.

Why Do My Gums Hurt and Bleed?

2007-12-06 | Painful or bleeding gums can have many causes but usually indicate that you already have or are at high risk for developing gum disease.

Autism and Stealth Adapted Viruses

2007-04-04 | The following excerpt is from the talk by Dr. W. John Martin, MD PhD, at the Conference "Autism Hope and Treatment," held in Madera CA, March 30-31, 2007. Dr. Martin is Director of the Institute of Progressive Medicine. The talk was entitled "Stealth Adapted Viruses: Another Inconvenient Truth."

Bird Flu pandemic protection using new generation of respirators

2007-03-12 | A new technology of respirators can protect users with 99.99% effectiveness against Avian Bird Flu. These masks can be purchased for under $10 per unit.

Irritating Skin Fibers and the Epidemic of Stealth-Adapted Virus Infections

2007-02-05 | The epidemic of stealth-adapted virus infections explains the skin fibers forming in patients diagnosed as having delusional parasitosis or Morgellon's disease. The fibers comprise a source of alternative cellular energy (ACE). Clinical trials are underway using ACE generating Enerceuticals .

There's a new claim for an advance against malignancies reported every month, but statistics say otherwise says Lawrence Broxmeyer MD

2006-07-14 | Summary: The word 'cancer' is of Latin derivation and means crab. By the turn of the 20th Century organized medicine had come to the conclusion that it was not a matter of whether infectious disease caused cancer, but which one, pointed out Lawrence Broxmeyer MD.

Agel Natural Wellness in Rip and Sip Packs - Paradigm Shift in Nutrition

2006-04-11 | The Era of Agel is transforming the wellness industry by merging cutting edge science in nutrition with revolutionary technology and convenience.