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Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) Joins The Pool for Open Innovation Against Neglected Tropical Diseases

2010-09-04 | Global Health Progress supports MMV's decision to contribute its intellectual property.

BioScience Laboratories Announces Testing Capabilities for NDM-1

2010-08-18 | BioScience Laboratories has obtained seven clinical isolates that provide a strong model for predicting a product's efficacy against "Super-Bugs", such as the New Delhi metallo-a-lactamase 1 (NDM-1) strain.

Paulson Enterprises, LLC Announces the Purchase of a New Building Site for BioScience Laboratories

2010-08-11 | Paulson Enterprises, LLC has purchased a new building site, located between Remington Way and Kagy Avenue on South 19th Street in the Kagy Crossroads Subdivision of Bozeman, to be the new home of BioScience Laboratories, Inc.

Prominent National Healthcare Leaders Join Axion Health Advisory Board

2010-08-02 | Clinicians with information technology experience commit expertise to occupational health solution provider Axion Health Inc.

Global Health Progress Epitomizes Clinton, Gates' Call for "Efficiency Savings" In Regards to HIV/AIDS Prevention Treatments, Services

2010-07-30 | GHP's highlights importance of collaborative partnerships and securing resources, such as access to drugs.

Global Health Progress Highlights ViiV Healthcare's Announcement of New Initiatives

2010-07-30 | Initiatives will improve access to HIV medicines for people living in the least developed countries.

Global Health Progress Releases New Report that Features Innovative Solutions to Improve Access to Healthcare in India

2010-07-24 | Report highlights collaboration between Indian communities, biopharmaceutical companies and other international partners.

Lloydspharmacy Reveals Five-Star Holidaymakers Think They Are Too Posh to Die

2010-07-10 | Lloydspharmacy finds five-star travellers consider themselves immune to malaria.

Unitaids Pool for HIV/AIDS Pharmaceutical Patents Appears Flawed

2010-07-09 | International Policy Network highlights the role of free society institutions in social and economic development in recent report.

Border Health Foundation (BHF) Launches HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign to Promote National HIV Testing Day on June 27th and Increase Awareness

2010-06-23 | Join Border Health Foundation to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. The need for HIV/AIDS awareness remains a critical issue. Get tested. Become informed.

SigmaPhone LLC , the Developer of "iPharmacy - The Drug and Medication Guide", the No.1 Medical App on Apple App Store, is Featured in a Medical Journal

2010-05-28 | SigmaPhone LLC, the developer of the No.1 medical app, "iPharmacy - The Drug and Medication Guide", is featured in an article titled "Infectious Disease Resource for the iPhone", in the medical journal "Clinical Infectious Disease".

BioScience Laboratories Announces Clinical Laboratory Expansion to Double Capacity

2010-05-05 | BioScience Laboratories announces the expansion of its clinical laboratory. The company has doubled the size of the available testing space.

Drug Patents in India Helping Promote Innovation

2010-05-02 | President of the Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India releases statement on Intellectual Property Day.

Lloydspharmacy Study Reveals Worrying Results on Sexually Transmitted Infections

2010-04-15 | Lloydspharmacy study reveals that while 72% of men have never had an STI screen, they are almost twice as likely to test positive for certain STIs compared with women.

Donors Welcome the Advance Market Commitment's First Long-Term Supply Commitments From Leading Pharmaceutical Companies Providing Access to Medicine for Millions

2010-04-10 | Global Health Progress applauds world's poorest countries' ability to access pneumococcal disease vaccines

Lloydspharmacy Reveals Young Women Becoming More Sexually Active

2010-03-25 | Lloydspharmacy reveals today's women have three times more sexual partners by the time they reach 24 than women of their grandmothers' generation

Breath Test For Pulmonary Tuberculosis

2010-02-23 | A Non-Invasive test to detect disease.

Safe Sex Week in Jamaica, Female Condom Use at Forefront of Event

2010-02-13 | The population of Jamaica is 2.7 million people, and of these, the proportion of people carrying the HIV virus is estimated to be around 47,000 or just under 2%. Almost 60% of females admit to never carrying a condom.

Amazing Opportunity to Distribute Breakthrough Medical Product in Nigeria

2010-02-04 | Alliance Bio-Medical is pleased to announce a call for Distributors in Nigeria for the latest breakthrough advance in Rapid HIV Testing - the Alliance Bio-Medical Rapid HIV Urine Detection and Prevention Kit.