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State Tax Advisors Launches New Website

2015-07-11 | New Website Showcases State Sales & Use Tax Expertise

Former NFL Quarterback Joe Theismann to Deliver Keynote Address at 2015 International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans on Dec. 1

2015-07-10 | Former star quarterback for the Washington Redskins Joe Theismann will deliver the keynote address at the International WorkBoat Show, which is North America's largest commercial marine trade show and conference.

Luxury Fabrics is Offering a Sale on Various Types of Fabrics

2015-07-10 | Luxury Fabrics, a retailer with commonly known low wholesale prices, is now offering many of their low-cost fabrics at sale prices and in the most current styles of fabrics and accessories.

CroMex USA focus on Team Building Opportunities in Weekly Workshops

2015-07-10 | CroMex USA, a successful sales and marketing firm, are focusing their morning meetings on team building this week.

Leadership Skills will Determine Success Say R&R Business Consultants

2015-07-10 | Direct marketing specialists R&R Business Consultants believe that start-up success is dependent on leadership skills. In this article, the firm has outlined their top three tips for entrepreneurs on how to become a more effective leader.

5 Emotional Challenges Every Entrepreneur Faces by Vaeley Marketing

2015-07-10 | Vaeley Marketing suggest although entrepreneurship offers great rewards it can also be difficult both mentally and physically.

EDC-VC Expands Board of Directors to Include Regional Business Publisher

2015-07-10 | New member brings extensive business expertise and economic insight to the board.

Metro Access Control LLC Launches New Website for The Cranford Area

2015-07-10 | New web resource for consumer education and awareness in New Jersey.

Summer Vacation is Not for Everyone, Local Organization Hosts Networking Event and Business Expo for Local Businesses

2015-07-10 | Summer months can be a slow time for local business. A local organization has put together an opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to promote their business during the summer months.

Odor Masters USA - Launching New Location in Des Moines, IA

2015-07-09 | Odor Masters USA, the nation's only corporate odor elimination vendor services firm is announcing a new location servicing Des Moines, IA metro.

Event Horizon Marketing Explains How to Use 70% of Your Time Better to Get the Most Out of Every Day

2015-07-09 | With research revealing that entrepreneurs are using 30% of their time to check emails and overall a huge 70% of their time is sub-optimal, Event Horizon Marketing has revealed how to use this time better and produce better results every day.

Find the Best Millennial Candidates Using these Questions says R&R Business Consultants

2015-07-09 | Millennials are the generation born between 1977 and 2000. Currently Millennials make up 21% of consumer discretionary purchases, which is estimated to be over a trillion dollars in direct buying power and a huge influence on older generations.

GUIDE: ShinWa Marketing's Tips to Setting Powerful Yet Attainable Goals

2015-07-09 | CEO Yennhi Duong attributes ShinWa Marketing's success to their powerful goal-setting strategy. The firm outlines their top four tips for new businesses and entrepreneurs on how to set powerful and effective goals.

Orlando May Have Dropped in Start-up Activity but EMIE Marketing say that this is No Cause for Concern

2015-07-09 | A new study finds that start-up activity has dropped in Orlando. EMIE Marketing say there is no need to be alarmed. The city's strong position in start-up density encourages optimism among the small business community.

Red Crown Inc. Discuss Product Placement in Marketing

2015-07-09 | With product placement increasing in presence amongst TV shows and films, direct marketing agency Red Crown Inc. discuss product placement and compare its effectiveness to their tried and tested direct marketing strategies.

UKAUS Pty Reveals Why Intrapreneurship is Becoming Increasingly Popular

2015-07-09 | Sydney-based sales and marketing firm, UKAUS Pty has revealed why intrapreneurship is becoming an increasingly popular trend amongst businesses.

Barton Consulting Group Reveals the 5 Priorities Entrepreneurs Need to Focus on to Achieve Success

2015-07-09 | Barton Consulting Group share their tips for entrepreneurs and where their priorities should lie.

Colonial Gate 4D Cinema Chooses AudioConexus to Launch World's First Simultaneous Multi-language Cinema Experience

2015-07-08 | Visitors can now enjoy the physical and virtual world of the 1586 walled city invasion of Santo Domingo lead by Sir Francis Drake. The film follows this fearsome pirate in nine languages simultaneously opening new doors to international visitors.

Registration Open for 36th International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, Dec. 1-3; Former NFL Star Quarterback Joe Theismann to Deliver Keynote Address

2015-07-08 | Registration is now open for the 36th International WorkBoat Show, North America's largest commercial marine trade show and conference. This year's show will be in New Orleans, December 1-3. To register, visit