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Curvalicious Workout Program Included in Latin Grammy's Celebrity Gift Bag

2012-12-06 | Flavia Del Monte's Curvalicious, a uniquely targeted women's metabolic workout program, was selected by the Latin Grammy Awards to be included in their celebrity gift bag.

Jose Canseco: Are Steroids Worth the Money - Side Effects and the Media

2012-11-05 | In his latest video series with the industry leading,, Jose Canseco dives into three important topics guaranteed to ruffle feathers.

Fitness Model Flavia Del Monte Appears on the Cover of Powerhouse Gym The Magazine

2012-10-29 | The September 2012 issue of Powerhouse Gym The Magazine has selected transformation coach, fitness expert and creator of Flavilicious Fitness, Flavia Del Monte, as their cover model.

Jose Canseco: Locker Room Talk, Going Broke and The Idiocy of Non-Steroid Users

2012-10-15 | In his most recent videos with Jose Canseco goes into detail about what goes on in a pro locker room and admits the American pastime is not as squeaky-clean as some tend to believe.

3 Second Health(TM) Natural Liquid Multi-Vitamin Shot to Make Worldwide Debut at 2012 Mr. Olympia Fitness Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada

2012-09-28 | 3 Second Health natural liquid multi-vitamin shot to debut at 2012 Mr. Olympia Fitness Expo.

Vince Del Monte Helps Over 200,000 People Build Muscle

2012-09-27 | WBFF Professional Fitness Model Vince Del Monte has helped over 200,000 skinny guys build muscle and achieve the bodies they want through his No Nonsense Muscle Building program and his new program, Hypertrophy M.A.X.

Bare-Chested Canseco Discusses What He Would Do Differently in His Career

2012-09-24 | Jose Canseco candidly discusses what things he would do differently in his career and life.

Jose Canseco Discusses Fall from Fame and Success

2012-09-20 | Jose Canseco gives an insider point of view of what it's like to experience a public fall from grace.

Jose Canseco Discusses What It's Like to Be a Superstar

2012-09-19 | Jose Canseco gives an insider point of view of what it's like to be a sports superstar and celebrity.

Jose Canseco Bares All While Praising Anabolic Steroids

2012-09-10 | A bare skinned Jose Canseco expresses and shares his views and explains how steroids were just part of the game.

Jose Canseco Proclaims Steroids Were Not the Cause of Death for Late Taylor Hooton

2012-09-06 | Jose Canseco offers his personal conviction of what actually led to the tragic death of teen baseball player, Taylor Hooton.

Jose Canseco Speaks on Lance Armstrong's Doping Allegations

2012-08-31 | Jose Canseco expresses his views on the Lance Armstrong doping allegations.

Jose Canseco to Release First Video Blog on

2012-08-27 | Jose Canseco releases first video blog on

SYNE-30 Launches The 'Fitness Network" as Another Extension of Services

2012-07-27 | As part of its outreach to engage individuals in the goal to get fit SYNE-30 has developed a Fitness Network designed to meet those needs. Online blogging, sharing articles, creating forums and friend lists are just a few tools available at no cost.

Betadine Australia Launches "Guess That Gargle"

2012-07-19 | Contestants urged to guess national anthems for chance to win $1,000 Reveals the Latest Facts on HGH Injections and Supplements

2012-06-29 | Learn the secrets of Hollywood's top stars in maintaining their youthful looks and physiques by visiting

Learn the Different Side Effects of HGH Before Ruining Your Health!

2012-06-10 | The incorrect use of HGH can result in serious side effects like Acromegaly, diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome. To lower the risk of developing these unwanted side effects it is recommended to only use it under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Flavia Del Monte Launches New Targeted Metabolic Workout Program, Curvalicious

2012-05-21 | Flavia Del Monte, the creator of Full-Body-Licious, Nutritionist, Certified Trainer and Registered Nurse, announced the release of her newest workout and only targeted metabolic workout for women, Curvalicious.

Vince Del Monte Completes 5-Day Hypertrophy Bootcamp

2012-05-17 | Vince Del Monte was joined by 16 other students from around the world to attend the Hypertrophy Bootcamp led by world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin and instructors Ben Pakulski, Derek Woodske and Ryan Fanley.

Nutrishop is Located Throughout the Tampa Bay Area, Serving the Tampa Area with Three Convenient Locations: One in New Tampa, One in Tampa, and One in Brandon Florida

2012-04-26 | Nutrishop proudly services Tampa and Brandon Florida with excellence. If you want to take your weight lifting, training or general health to the next level Visit Nutrishop South Tampa, Nutrishop New Tampa or Nutrishop Brandon today!