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1696 total news stories found. Prize Winner Signs Three Book Deal With St. Martin's Press

2009-05-26 | Saoirse Redgrave, 1st prize winner of the 2008 Textnovel Writing Contest (, accepted a three book publishing deal with St. Martin's Press. Represented by Stan Soper of Textnovel. Michael Homler at St. Martin's was buyer.

3-D Style Book Commemorates 40th Anniversary of the Space Race and Its Phenomenal Conclusion

2009-05-23 | Announcing the release of an exciting new tactile book, One Small Step," created to celebrate the upcoming fortieth anniversary of man's first walk on the moon.

Keeping Kids Happy After Divorce

2009-05-23 | So you're finally divorced, the court battle is over and now you've ended a painful and sad episode in your life. But what about your kids?

Christian Readers Find Non-Affiliated Work Appealing

2009-05-22 | While CBA and ECPA affiliated publishers struggle to appeal to readers outside their original audience, author Sue Dent successfully fills the gap.

Boomer Insight Web Portal to Take Pulse of Baby Boomer Generation

2009-05-21 | Austin, Texas Startup Launches Web-Based Opinion Portal to Engage Baby Boomers

New York City's Archbishop Says Celibacy Up For Debate

2009-05-19 | The newly appointed archbishop of New York recently added fuel to the debate over clerical celibacy.

100 Married Priests Join Catholic Ranks In Growing Trend

2009-05-17 | Despite its insistence on celibate priests, the Catholic Church is opening its arms to married priests who convert from other denominations, causing some to question the necessity of celibacy in the first place.

Catholic Bishop Calls For Priests To Marry

2009-05-15 | Advocates for a change in the Catholic Church's stance on celibacy have found support in a bishop recently appointed to the diocese of Bozen-Brixen in Italy.

Christians Mass Exodus Is Divinely Orchestrated

2009-05-15 | Within the fabric of creation there are no accidents. Everything that appears to just happening is in fact divinely orchestrated. Mankind's problem in recognizing this reality is his limited vision and erroneous beliefs.

Catholic Priests Demand Changes Despite Vatican Threats

2009-05-13 | A recently released book authored by an anonymous Catholic priest is joining a chorus of new voices from a clergy that is increasingly challenging long-held Church laws.

Marketing in Difficult Times: A Golden Opportunity with a Press Release Service

2009-05-07 | When the Going Gets Tough, the Smart Get Marketing!

'Norma Jean's Sun', Memoir by Kris Courtney

2009-05-05 | Available on Now! Back in 1928 when a small town of Indiana collected its folks every year for a celebration at the local Fair, a gathering of strangers would join together to shape a new parallel of lives.

US Army Soldier & Innovo Publishing, LLC Launch New Christian Novel - The Thousand Year Voyage - Before Soldier Deploys to Middle East.

2009-05-04 | Innovo Publishing, LLC, has released The Thousand Year Voyage. This captivating book by US Army Chaplain Assistant Casey Sean Harmon—an active duty soldier scheduled to deploy to the middle east in the fall of 2009—is an account of the end of time.

Twitter Contest with 60+ Fabulous Prizes Hosted by Author Cheryl Kaye Tardif

2009-05-01 | Bestselling Canadian author Cheryl Kaye Tardif is using the popular social network Twitter to promote a contest where she is giving away 60+ prizes. The contest, open to anyone who follows her on Twitter, officially began when she had 750 followers.

Best Publishing Web site of 2009 to be Named by Web Marketing Association in Annual WebAward Competition

2009-04-30 | The Web Marketing Association announces the call for entries for its 13th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development at The Web Marketing Association will once again name the Best Publishing Web site of 2009.

Vellum Publishing, Inc.'s Digital Books For Kindle 2 Are Easiest To Read

2009-04-23 | Vellum Publishing, Inc., the Publishing Company for the Digital Generation, reveals that they format all their digital offerings with a darker text for the Kindle 2.

Covente, LLC Executive To Publish Book on The Effects of Culture on Business Performance in Contemporary Globalism

2009-04-22 | "Business & Culture: Forces in Contradiction" provides model to enhance global business decision-making for optimum effect.

From Polytheism to E-Pluribus Unum: The Bible Does Not Deny The Existence Of Multiple Gods

2009-04-17 | The Bible does not deny the existence of multiple gods; it does show all gods/powers working together as one - a theology consistent with the fundamental principles of democracy.

Philadelphia Science Fiction Author to Attend the Third Annual Free Library of Philadelphia Festival

2009-04-17 | Native Philadelphian Lawrence Johnson Sr, author of the 2012 science fiction novel Escape 2 Earth will be attending the third annual Free Library of Philadelphia Festival. This will mark the first book fair he will be attending of his hometown.

Philadelphia Children Publishing Their Futures

2009-04-15 | Authentic Publishing LLC turns decades old problems into solution, gives Philadelphia students opportunity to publish their dreams.