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Surviving the Unthinkable: Sexual Abuse by a Medical Practitioner

2009-11-09 | A medical doctor should never take advantage of his patient and sexually abuse or molest them. Unfortunately, many of these cases go unreported, and the victims are left ashamed and left to deal with the pain these doctors have caused them.

Knowledge for Tomorrow: A Summarized Commentary of World History, Nature, Health, Religion, Organized Crime, and Inspiration for the Youth

2009-11-05 | The book "Knowledge For Tomorrow" written by an African American Educator from California shall be released on Friday, November 6th as returnable through Ingram distribution. (Note: A possible delay in "Ingram/ Corporate" processing may delay viewable changes until 11/10/09.) Check your update.

Long Island Lawyers website Offers Helpful tips on how to find a Good Long Island Attorney

2009-10-18 | Experts at is sharing free tips on the importance of finding a good attorney on Long Island, New York.

New York Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations helps stop Fraud in Workmen's Compensation cases.

2009-10-10 | Fraud is very a popular problem in Workman's Compensation cases, ICORP Investigations help put an end to it in the New York area.

The Irish Troubles and the Assassination of the First Minister of Northern Ireland

2009-09-24 | "The Bleeding Hills", a new novel by Wilfried F. Voss, tells the story of Finnean Whelan, an IRA veteran of almost forty years, who is being accused of planning the assassination of the First Minister of Northern Ireland.

Maggie's Organics Will Be First Apparel Company Ever to Acquire Fair Labor Practices and Community Benefits Certification

2009-09-18 | Maggie's Organics will become the first apparel company ever to be certified Fair Labor under a rigorous new auditing process. This certification validates socially responsible practices both in agricultural production and at all stages of the post-harvest production process.

IMDB Aids Release of the Harvest Project Movie to Stop Homelessness and Illegal Organ Transplants

2009-09-08 | Harvest Project Films Inc. and agree to release a free preview of The Harvest Project movie in aid of homelessness and organ awareness.

ADVERTISING - Body Advertising is Conquering the World...

2009-09-03 | Some incredible news has just come: Tom French and his team at Advertising have just launched one of the craziest adventures on the web: Creating a human wall of advertising and having him travel around the world.

Liongold: A Stunning New Memoir Deals with Issues of Race Relations, Human Rights and African History

2009-08-29 | Liongold is Bea Alden's personal account of daily life in South Africa in the era of apartheid. Readers will be riveted by Alden's faithful descriptions of what it was really like to live under this coldly deliberate experiment in total segregation.

Stickers 4 Less is Helping Small Businesses Make It Through Tough Economy with Custom Stickers and Bumper Stickers for Cheap Affordable Advertising That Works!

2009-08-24 | Many businesses are giving away custom bumper stickers and full color vinyl stickers in anticipation that their customers will be a walking or moving advertisement for their company.

Personal Injury by Police Brutality

2009-06-22 | Police brutality and false arrest cases are common in Phoenix. While sometimes difficult to prove, with the right Arizona personal injury attorney, your case could result in compensation and bringing corrupt officers to justice.

First Major Figure In Iraq Theater To Call For Accountability For War Crimes: Retired General Ricardo Sanchez Calls For Truth Commission At Culture Project's New Series Launch

2009-06-05 | Culture Project's "Blueprint for Accountability" launch on 5/31, has generated breaking news: General Sanchez, the former top coalition commander in Iraq, called for a truth commission to investigate abusive interrogation techniques.

Mathematical Proof of the Absurdity of the God Concept

2009-05-15 | A mathematical formula based on logarithms now proves undeniably that the God concept is absurd. The formula I named FFG demonstrates mathematically that absolute certainty is absurdity.

Better, Faster, Stronger: Cryptocloud VPN

2009-05-12 | Keeping up with the latest surveillance exploits unleashed against citizens worldwide, let alone staying one step ahead, is virtually impossible. Orwell's vision came and went; we're into a whole new game now. There's really no hypothetical "worst-case scenarios" left to imagine anymore.

Best Advocacy Web site of 2009 to be Named by Web Marketing Association in Annual WebAward Competition

2009-05-02 | The Web Marketing Association announces the call for entries for its 13th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development at The Web Marketing Association will once again name the Best Advocacy Web site of 2009.

Kevin Willmott's THE ONLY GOOD INDIAN Starring Wes Studi To Screen At The Indie Spirit Film Festival, KC Filmfest and Newport Beach Film Festival

2009-04-18 | THE ONLY GOOD INDIAN, directed by Kevin Willmott and starring Wes Studi will screen at the Indie Spirit Film Festival in Colorado Springs on April 16, The Kansas City FilmFest on April 22, and The Newport Beach Film Festival on April 26. The film premiered at The Sundance Film Festival.

Intrepid Travel Joins the United Nations Global Compact

2009-03-22 | Intrepid Travel has joined over 4700 other companies worldwide in signing the United Nations Global Compact.

"The Crowd Dreams of Love" Receives Praise from Authors, Screenwriters and Academics

2009-02-27 | "The Crowd Dreams of Love," a new novel by author and screenwriter John Leone, published by Blithedale Books, is receiving widespread praise within the writing and creative communities as a timely and prophetic message on the importance of love in a world consumed by political and economic chaos.

World-Wide Virtual Vigil Being Held For Brain Tumor Awareness

2009-02-18 | Miles for Hope, a non-profit organization sponsored by AirTran Airways has created a virtual vigil and hope to have one million people light a virtual candle by April 10, 2009 to raise brain tumor awareness world-wide.