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bluDANGLE™ Gives Away Over $2000.00 in Wireless Accessories on Youtube

2008-10-31 | bluDANGLE™ a subsidiary of the Patent Sales Corp. joins the Youtube community in bringing their unique products to the market. In a strange turn of events, the new product roll out plans has been dramatically changed.

MasterGuard Fire Safety Solutions 42" Plasma TV Sweepstakes Winner Announced

2008-10-29 | MasterGuard awards annual winners for Sweepstakes Promotions

K.I.T.T.'s Latest Feature - Turbo Boost Your Tax Deduction!

2008-10-22 | Buckle up as Navtones directs you to a signed Knight Rider GPS in an online charity auction that will give you the chance to bid on a piece of Hollywood and technology history.

Maxi-Aids Introduces i-TELLpod, the Talking iPOD Controller for the Blind and Visually Impaired

2008-10-16 | Maxi-Aids, the industry-leading supplier of products for independent living, is distributing an innovative product called the i-TELLpod Talking iPod Controller, which enables the Blind and those with Low Vision to use iPods by announcing stored information.

IMAX Corporation Selects Metrix to Automate Field Technical Service Operations

2008-10-02 | Implemention will Cut Costs and Make Service Operations More Efficient

XDepth Raw: the first Jpeg-compatible Raw image format and compression technology for digital cameras

2008-09-29 | Trellis Management leads the way towards a high-definition image format for digital cameras based on the widely spread Jpeg standard and showcases its latest developments at the 2008 PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo

N96 Launched on O2 Contract Deals UK - Nokia N96 Mobile Phone

2008-09-23 | Nokia's new N-Series range of high specification mobile phones has now expanded to include the new Nokia N96 on O2, we review this new multimedia device and explore the design, technology and features of the N96.

Baumeister Electronic Architects Wins Three Prestigious Integrated Home Awards at CEDIA 2008

2008-09-11 | Chicago-based company receives electronics industry's top honors for two high-profile residences

FHM - Exclusive Preview of Call of Duty 5: 'World at War'

2008-08-22 | has gained exclusive access to the year's most-anticipated console game: Call of Duty 5: 'World at War'.

Social Network Features Unsightly Satellite Dish Installations

2008-08-21 | offer free membership to satellite installers and homeowners a division Epromotionz , a web site / search marketing firm has launched a new division called which will design and code yahoo store e commerce sites for small & medium sized businesses nationally.

2008-08-07 | RTML GURU is a specialized Yahoo! Merchant Solution Store design company. We help small businesses open their stores online and sell effectively.

Tired of redundant Fuzz Face single use effect pedals? Finally a break through in evolution! Video DEMO now available when you click visit our website at the top right of the page.

2008-08-07 | This new Fuzz pedal challenges single function clones. The new mutli effect all analog Fuzz Monster makes a new splash on an old scene. It includes -4 Fuzz Face 's in 1 BOX! Classic '66 / JimiMod / hybrid / silcon 70's sound. VIDEO DEMO now available- click visit website to take it for a test spin!

Bresslergroup's Tannen Earns Ergonomics Certification

2008-07-24 | Bresslergroup, a new product development firm now provides clients with the highest level of human factors and ergonomics expertise. Rob Tannen, PhD, the firm's Director of Research is now a Certified Professional Ergonomist by the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics.

Gamercize Expands US Network

2008-07-19 | Gamercize Announces Exergame Fitness as the first appointed reseller in the USA. Launches as New Online Media Portal--- Veteran Tech and Media Executives Partner with Pajamas Media

2008-07-17 | Group of veteran Silicon Valley tech and media executives launch technology news website,, in partnership with Pajamas Media

Priceless Inkjet Cartridge Co is moving forward into new areas of service and customer relations

2008-07-12 | PriceLess Inkjet Cartridge Co. aka PICINK ( is at a verge of some "priceless" changes, starting with it's company identity mark.

One-Stop-Electronics is Live! Hot Innovative Car Diagnostic Tools Supporting the Latest Software Browsers - Allows ODBII Scanning, Code Readers, Code Clear and More!

2008-07-09 | One-Stop-Electronics has partnered with several top notch firms to pass their buying power on to you!

World's First International Exergaming Tournament on Xbox 360 LIVE

2008-06-29 | We have all seen video games with bit of exercise thrown in at home, but now the concept has been expanded into a real physical sport that could one day be part of the Olympic Games using Gamercize for Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE.

Add The Purchase Of a Pair Of Binoculars To Everyone's Technical Future

2008-06-28 | During the last few years, along with the digital camera, the iPod, and the personal computer revolution, a silent but not surprising evolution was occurring in the world of binoculars.

Navtones Signs Kim Cattrall for Celebrity Turn-By-Turn Navigation - Seductive Siren Brings Sexy to Any City

2008-06-25 | Navtones , the global provider of branded voices for the GPS navigation industry, announces today the exclusive worldwide release of A-list actress, Kim Cattrall, as a premium voice download for all TomTom portable navigation devices.