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July 22, 2013

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Australian Travel Bloggers Announce Milestone: 500 Days Of Perpetual Travel

2013-07-22 | Suitcase Stories follows the journey of Australian perpetual travel couple Nicole Connolly and Michael Wright. In March 2012 they gave up their successful careers, sold all their possessions and bought a one way ticket to everywhere.

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"Lush and Diverse" Science Fiction Writing Earns NY Author Anna LaForge Praise for Second Novel Agave Revealed, the Second Book in Maze Series, Now Available From Amazon, Barnes & Noble

2013-07-22 | While Publishers Weekly finds LaForge's worldbuilding "lush and diverse," Library Journal believes that the compelling story "...should appeal to fans of visionary fiction such as Frank Herbert's Dune."

Anti-Snoring Nasal Drops, Asonor, Considered the Best Solution as Research Finds Snoring Directly Connected to Cancer

2013-07-22 | As per the study, finding a solution to heavy snoring is imminent to stop the risk of cancer and Asonor agrees to the research results.

Atlanta Wedding Rentals Specialists, Event Rentals Unlimited, Carry Great Catering Equipment

2013-07-22 | The Atlanta wedding rentals firm, Event Rentals Unlimited, would like to mention that they offer a huge line of high quality catering equipment. If you are getting married this year and are in need of supplies, they can help.

Gourmet Coffee Suppliers, J. Martinez, Analyze Coffee Vs. Energy Drinks

2013-07-22 | The gourmet coffee company, J. Martinez, compares the effects of coffee versus energy drinks. They discuss whether a cup of Joe is better than the wealth of caffeine products on the market.

Eyeglass World Offers Coach Designer Eyewear

2013-07-22 | Eyeglass World offers thousands of designer eyeglasses, including frames from Coach.

Angelica Wants You to Ensure Your Medical Linen Service Has the Right Equipment to Reduce Infections

2013-07-22 | It takes the right equipment to keep hospital linens sanitized, notes Angelica Corporation.

Atlanta Pest Control Experts, Team Pest USA, Share Top 10 Things You Didn't Know about Cicadas

2013-07-22 | This expert in commercial pest control in Atlanta notes that the number of periodical cicadas could possibly reach 1.5 million insects per acre this year.

Car Dealership in Orlando, Central Florida Chrysler, Holds Clearance Event with 2012 Models in Stock

2013-07-22 | Central Florida Chrysler Jeep Dodge needs to make room for the 2014 vehicles coming in, so it is having a clearance sale on its recent models.

Dr. Beatrice Perotti Named a Worldwide Who's Who Entrepreneur of the Year for Excellence in Pharmaceutical Consulting

2013-07-22 | Dr. Perotti specializes in preclinical and clinical drug development and clinical outsourcing

Brigid Flint Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Real Estate

2013-07-22 | Ms. Flint is the exclusive listing agent of Victory Ranch

Christopher John Evers-Swindell Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Engineering

2013-07-22 | Christopher Swindell networks and consults with professionals in the engineering and mining industry

Cheryl A. Combs Named a VIP Member of Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Transportation and Distribution Services

2013-07-22 | Having worked her way up through the ranks, Cheryl Combs celebrates nearly 30 years in the transportation industry

Glenda D. Smith Honored by Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Telecommunications

2013-07-22 | Ms. Smith utilizes her skills in telecommunications for the betterment of her community

Paradigm Roofing Wins Talk of the Town Award Second Year in a Row

2013-07-22 | Prestigious service award given to Paradigm Roofing by Celebration Media for Outstanding Customer Service in 2013.

Research Triangle NC Consultants Strategic Development, Inc., First To Accept Bitcoin

2013-07-22 | Leadership training firm is the first in North Carolina to accept the new digital currency.

AUDI A3 Navigation - The Ultimate Ride

2013-07-22 | Autocarplaza is an excellent site that offers the AUDI Navigation and BMW Navigation DVD with a big discount. Go and find what you need now.

FancyLadies Helps You to Find the Right Sexy Clubwear for Getting into the Good Clubs

2013-07-22 | However you won't get into the good clubs unless you've done your homework and found the nightlife wear available to make sure that you have a fabulous time and an memorable weekend partying in the fashionable clubwear.

Boker's Adds 608 New Washer Sizes to Expand its Vast Offering

2013-07-22 | To expand its extensive production capacity and further accommodate the largest range of applications and industries, Boker's, Inc. has added 608 new flat washer sizes to its offering.

Hoffman Design Group Celebrates Christmas in July

2013-07-22 | Holiday decorating firm Hoffman Design Group offers the delight of Christmas in July.