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King Henry Games: Releases "Race for the Kingdom"

2016-09-23 | A Divine Game of Superpowers

Red Barton & The Sky Pirates Kickstarter & Steam Campaigns Announced

2016-09-07 | With Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns indie game studio Schism Worldwide LLC starts a countdown towards the release of their first major iOS, Android, PC & Mac title "Red Barton & The Sky Pirates"

Game Update of a Hit iOS Mobile Strategy Game App with New Features and Content

2016-08-27 | Originally launched in July 2016 in over 100 countries, the mobile game was instantly propelled into the App Store's 'New Games We Love' category.

VQuick Creator Wants App to Serve a Higher Purpose

2016-08-19 | Inspiring a movement to share the best in humanity

DFC Intelligence Issues Latest Report on Global PC Game Market

2016-08-01 | Forecasts segment to reach $40 billion by 2020

Social Commerce Platform Offers Accredited Investors a Private Placement Opportunity

2016-07-21 | Sagoon Inc.'s social commerce platform will allow users to earn money while socializing and sharing information.

123on Today Announce Global Partnership with the International eSports Team Dignitas

2016-07-06 | Team Dignitas has decided to use 123on as their fan engagement platform starting at ESL One.

VEFXi Corporation Announces VR Support in Their Third Generation-based Microchip for Mobile Devices

2016-06-23 | Aspen microchip solves the immersion barrier for live-action VR content and enables dual-use on mobile devices

3 New Apps in the Works for AppBox Media PLC! Soon to be Released on both Android and Apple!

2016-06-09 | Appbox Media PLC, the renowned apps and games developer, is going to launch 3 apps.

Killer Mobile Launches Intensely Interactive BarSim Bartending Simulator for Android & iPhone

2016-06-07 | Bartender Game is likely to become one of the top Mobile Games of 2016

QATestLab - Leading Independent Software Testing Company - Has Become A General Sponsor Of The Research "CEE QA Outsourcing Review 2015-16"

2016-06-07 | QATestLab Has Become A General Sponsor Of The Research about QA Outsourcing Services In CEE Region

An Exciting Launch For VQuick - The Revolutionary New Video Sharing and Chat App

2016-05-31 | Adaptability, usability up and growing

Ginder Factory Releases New Customizable Monster Hunter Prints and Vinyl Stickers

2016-05-18 | Custom merchandise company Ginder Factory formally launched new Customizable Monster Hunter Prints and Vinyl Stickers, based on the popular action RPG series from Capcom.

Vital Simulations Supports National Nurses Week

2016-05-06 | Provides nurses with complimentary access to award winning 3D patient safety training and 3.0 ANCC contact hours.

Over 66 Million Downloads Worldwide! Overhaul for Popular Launcher App "+HOME"!

2016-04-27 | Japan-based Ateam Inc. has today announced that its popular launcher app +HOME has received a major overhaul. Aside from the new icon, many new features make the app easier to use and more flexible than ever.

Ultimate Ending Books Launches 'Choose Your Own Story' Adventure Series

2016-04-14 | Ultimate Ending Books is proud to announce the launch of their "You Choose the Story!" adventure series, Ultimate Ending. Young adult readers can pick their path through many different storylines as they attempt to reach a single 'ultimate' ending.

3 Reasons Why "Think 3 For Charity" is Good for Gamers

2016-03-29 | Indie Game Developer Combines Gaming with Giving to Multiple Charities

Keep the Flame Alive and Express Your Desire with Suggestibles Love Keyboard Featuring Teases, Turn-ons and Much More

2016-03-03 | The Suggestibles Love Keyboard, now available on iOS, is the steamiest way to spice up your love life

The Epic Mission Continues! Dead Effect 2 Officially Launches on PC

2016-02-22 | Gamers can now collect and upgrade weapons, gear, and high-tech body implants on iOS, Android and PC